5 Crucial Elements for Great Blog Posts Design

Information(data) is the most important reason of existence for the Internet. On our daily web tasks, all we do is interact with information: search, read, write, share etc. But in order to achieve a proper level of interaction, the information should be displayed in a pleasant visual way for the user. This is where design and user interfaces come and help the viewer. In this blog post we will analyze…

Book Review: WordPress for Business Bloggers

I am often asked by newcomers or designers wannabes different questions about WordPress. The most common: where can I get that? … or how can I do that? The answer is very simple in most cases – you search for the solution. Although sometimes this approach is misunderstood, there is no better way to learn than to research. This is the best solution but in many cases it takes time….

CSS Code Readability Tips

Reading and writing seem to be simple actions yet they are not. When it comes to web design, these actions are vital for various reasons and they have a higher priority in the web design process. What I’m trying to say is that it is crucial to write code in a good way. That is because any other person that interacts with the code should feel comfortable with it.

Bespin: Online Code Editing from Mozilla

Every time you hear the word Mozilla you tend to associate it with Firefox… Mozilla Firefox. It is a normal thing since it is their flagship product. But it is not the only product and it seems like Mozilla wants to extend its line of applications. These days another word was promoted from Mozilla Labs: Bespin.

3 Samples of Good Online User Experience

I really like innovation and great solutions against problems regarding user interface and user experience. Throughout this post I want to highlight some on the most interesting and useful features that help the user to complete a certain task easier and in a pleasant way. These are samples of good user experience and the medium will be the web, although there are some desktop apps and games that can be…

My Web Design Framework

In many web design projects I tend to have similar initial steps. Because of this behavior and my way of coding, I’ve decided to create a web design framework that will help me gain some time from the overall estimation of a project. Keep in mind that this framework is flexible and you can adapt it to your way of creating websites. At the end of this post you will…

9 Best WordPress Plugins

Now that WordPress is more mature and it has a solid core, some of the plugins from WordPress.org are obsolete. I say this because with this last version, WordPress has many features that were previously found only in plugins. But not all of the plugins are useless now, many are quite important for the community and indispensable for bloggers. Let’s see which plugin made it for Graphic Rating’s 9 Best…

My WordPress Cheat Sheet

I know that there are many resources regarding this topic but there are never enough. This post is dedicated to small snippets from WordPress that will make your life easier. Or maybe my life easier and in this case I want to have them in one single post. In a way I’m trying to help you and in another I’m trying to organize this stuff for myself.

Web Developer Toolbar and its Features

One of the most important tools in my daily design, development and analysis activities is Web Developer extension for Firefox. Developed by Chis Pederick, this extension is very popular among web developers due to its numerous capabilities. Throughout this post I want to show my appreciation for Chris Pederick and it Web Developer Tool and showcase the most important features.

Image Performance Optimization for Top 10 Websites

As you know, optimization is very important even for top web destinations like Google, Yahoo or Live. In this article we will try to see how with simple tools, the most visited sites on the web can improve their response time and also they can optimize their traffic amount of data. These are some simple tests that can be made with tools that are available for everyone to try.For this…

6 Sites for Web Designer Wannabes

This article is the result of a phone call that I received from a friend. She said: “I’ve just realized that I want to learn web design. What should I do?”. Based on this request I started to think about some of the best tutorials for web design. It is obvious that W3Schools was the first thing that popped in my mind. I believe it to be one of the…

Web Browsers War – Image Rendering

In the first part of this benchmark, the topic was text rendering. As you may remember, the winner was the new version of Internet Explorer – 8 beta 2, followed by Firefox, Opera and Chrome. Safari was the looser regarding text rendering due to its weight of letters (normal text looks like bold on Safari), and also due to its too blurry text. In this second part of the benchmark,…

Browsers War – Text Rendering

In the first post from this benchmark, you received the basic details about the most competitive browsers on the market. In this one, we will analyze browsers for one of their main function – text rendering. Whether you are searching on web, reading on Wikipedia or blogging, your main interaction and focus is text. So let’s see how browsers deal with this.

Support the W3C Validator

It seems like the W3C Validator needs some monetary support in order to offer good quality services. The W3C Validator is the supreme web standards application that helps you in fixing and developing valid code. As a web designer I will support for now this initiative by adding their button for donations. If you can please help the W3C the way you can in keeping this awesome tool alive and…

Browsers War – Meet the competitors

The web browsers war is far from finished and the competitors are gathering their strength to capture users’ vote. The most important thing is that now, there are several competitors compared to the early days of the web, when Netscape and Internet Explorer were the only true players. And everyone wants the Internet browser crown. Actually I will not be surprise to see Facebook developing their own browser. It’s that…