Quartz Icon Pack

I’m really glad to announce my first icon pack: Quartz. Promoted with the help of Smashing Magazine, Quartz is an icon set that contains 90 simple and stylish icons.

7 Ways to Better Promote Your Blog Posts

Increasing our traffic is one of the most important thing in the blogosphere along with advertising. In order to gain more traffic or to get ads on your blog, you need to promote your blog posts more effectively. This posts wants to give you a hint on how to do that. Here are 7 ways to better promote your blog posts:

We need to change the UI/UX on Operating Systems

I’m sure that many of you thought of this and for a right reason. People’s way to interact with the operating system has been the same for many years. And since our needs are a little different from 1995, I also think the user interface along with the user experience should be different.

12 Retro Cartoons From My Childhood

Cartoons are some of the best things in life. This is not a joke, I mean it. Even at 30 or 40 years old I will still watch them. Why? Because they are funny and happy and many of them even have something special to teach us. I have to say that it is not a chart, this is simply a random list.

New Mozilla Addons Site is Great

Mozilla Addons, the home for many cool or not so cool addons, has a new design. I will try to catch the most important things that I think are worth mentioning. So, let’s see what are the new elements from the redesign Mozilla Addons site

Thanks to our Sponsors

With the help of this mini-post I want to thank our sponsors for their support. With their help I can continue sustaining this blog and delivering from time to time some interesting posts. Cheers! Sponsors: – WPBest – The Best Premium WordPress Themes, Pugins and More – CSS Slicers – PSD to HTML Service – Glitzy Bingo – Online Bingo Directory

Image Search Engine: EveryStockPhoto

This is a review of EveryStockPhoto – a free image search engine. With some great features and great user interface, this website can be your next link in your bookmarks. So, let’s find out the features and weak points for this site.

Web Design Inspiration: 2010 Ford Fusion

For today’s sample of good design, we will have to check the website for the upcoming Ford Fusion Hybrid 2010. The site is very well implemented and it is pretty creative. And the plus that this site has is that it was developed in Adobe Flash and it has a great interaction built in.

Tutorial: Realistic Jeans Texture in Photoshop

This is a fast tutorial that with will teach you how to make a simple yet realistic jeans texture. It has simple steps and it takes minimum Photoshop knowledge in order to complete this tutorial. Good luck!

Tip for feeling better: Children Smiling Images

This is an offtopic if you want. In this post there is no information related to design. Instead this is a break from the rushing world we’re living in and its problems. You will find here some cute little humans that can make you smile and give you a boost for the day.

An Interview with Michael Leigeber

After testing and using some of his scripts, I had the pleasure to interview Michael Leigeber, a great web developer. Michael is the name behind Leigeber.com – a great site that offers numerous scripts and information for the webdev world.

You are not a Web Designer IF…

This is more like a tutorial or a checklist for all people involved in the design domain. So whether you are a graphic designer or a web designer, you should definitely check this list. Also you can add your statements for areas that are not covered. Enjoy!

GIF, JPG and PNG File Formats: Pros and Cons

There are 3 main file formats flowing across the web. Each file format has its advantages and drawbacks. In this post I will showcase the pros and cons of GIF, JPG and PNG. So, read the post and decide which file format is suitable for your images.

An Interview with Guillermo Rauch

Recently, I had the pleasure to chat with a talented web developer. Actually, extremely talented considering the fact that he is just 18 years old – Guillermo Rauch. His name is familiar in the JavaScript and WordPress area because of his scripts and plugins. Please join me to find out future and current plans from the man behind Devthought.com.

Don Norman on Design and Emotions

I was going to tell you who Don Norman is. Instead I think it is better to let you see this small video and let you seek information after that. This is a Ted video from 2003 having Don Norman as the speaker. Enjoy!