Bulletproofing Your Firefox For Web Design

Let’s assume that you have a brand new computer and you want to dedicate your time creating web sites and web applications. There are a lot of applications that will be important for your daily tasks, but none as important as Firefox. You can even make your Firefox so powerful that you will need just a couple of applications and you’re done.

Web Design Inspiration: Merix Studio

I am speechless. This is by far one of the most impressive web designs and implementations I’ve seen in the last years. It has everything, from graphics, unique style to make it identifiable, great implementation, smooth animations to a nice feeling when you come on the site. Congratulations and keep up the excellent work! KUDOS!!!

10 Things a Web Designer Should Consider

While this is an old debate and it is clear that we won’t get very far with it, I want to make some statements regarding the things a web designer should consider in order to improve present skills.

Choosing the Right Web Hosting for You

Hopefully you now know what form of web hosting that is suitable for your website. The next step is picking a web host, something that can be tricky as there are quite a few to choose between. Below you find a couple of tricks that will help you find a hosting plan matching your needs.

Things I Love and Hate in Web Design

This post will be composed of all the positive and negative things in web design that I think are worth mentioning. You may agree or not with the list and please complete it with your own Love-Hate things. So here are my 2 lists with the things I find rewarding and the things I detest in Web Design.

An Introduction to Web Hosting

When looking for web hosting you might become somewhat puzzled by all the different forms of web hosting. What do they all mean and which plan is the perfect match for you and your website? Below you will find descriptions of the most popular types of hosting, making your decision easier.

15 Tools for Testing your Website

If you want to have the same experience over multiple browsers and different machines then testing your website is vital. In this article I’ve gathered some of the most important tools that you can use in testing your site against various errors – CSS Errors, HTML Errors, Cross-browsing Errors etc. Some of these tools are combined into a multipurpose QA testing application created by companies such as Inflectra, which can…

Hack Your WordPress Plugins for Speed

Back in September 2007, Steve Souders published his book High Performance Web Sites. This book is describing ways to improve your site speed and at the same time to create a better user experience. In the book there is one rule that says: CSS at the Top. By this, Steve is saying that you should put the CSS in the Head section of your HTML using the LINK tag. The…

WordPress: Tutorials and Resources for Designers and Developers

Do you know what WordPress is? Of course you know… everyone knows – the best open source and most advanced blogging platform. It has great plugins and one of the best if not “the best” community ever. And through this post I want to capture all the movement around this great tool: themes, developers, tricks, cheat sheets and other.

Bing's Weekly Lectures – Week #1

Today I will start a new section here on Graphic Rating. It is called Bing’s Weekly Lectures. The main idea for these next articles is to sum up the additional information displayed on top of Bing’s daily pictures in a week time frame. I really like the feature and I think most of the phrases are quite valuable. So, here is the first Bing Weekly Lecture:Week #1.

The New Yahoo! – Pros and Cons

I think you remember the middle ages, it was back when Yahoo! wanted a redesign. Well, after a great deal of time, the redesign is here. Fresh or not, good or bad … I will detail my conclusion over the latest revamped version of Yahoo! portal.

Web Design Inspiration: KISSmetrics

The third site in the Inspiration category is KISSmetrics. I will not speak too much about it because the design speaks for itself. The colors are well connected as well as the typography and images. Also you can check their blog too, because it has a simple design using same elements from the main site.

A $2.5 million redesign – WhitePages.com

Title on Techmeme: WhitePages unveils $2.5 million Web site redesign. That got me curious. I wanted to see for myself and show you a $2.5 million redesign. Of course that it is not just the visual side and some CSS, the bill pays for backend as well (hopefully).

My Web Design Toolbox – 25 Tools

In this post I want to showcase all the applications that are very important in my web design & development process. From commercial applications to Firefox plugins, this post will cover all my favorite web design tools.