Design Applications for every Designer – 3D Apps

There are multiple job titles that are related to design. From the auto industry to our own web design industry every designer needs a tool. Here is a post dedicated to those of you interested in other areas of design or simply interested in various design applications. Listed bellow are some of the most important 3d applications suitable for any needs.

Winner of CSS3 for Web Designers

The first contest from Graphic Rating is over. One week and many tweets later, a copy of CSS3 for Web Designers is being prepared for a trip. A trip to Serbia actually to Marko Randjelovic. He is the lucky winner. Thank you all for all your tweets, retweets and involvement. Soon we will have other similar contests. Cheers!

Win a FREE Copy of CSS3 for Web Designers

CSS3 is one of the buzzwords in web design and web development these days. And though there are many resources out there, there’s always an open spot for one as good as the new book from A Book Apart – CSS3 for Web Designers, written by DAN CEDERHOLM. And the good news is that we will give you one for free.

Slider Components in Corporate Websites

Displaying content in a manner that fits your site can be difficult sometimes. And other times can be handled using a content slider. Let’s see how big corporate companies handle this task and integrate slider components in their websites. We will cover in this post 2 or 3 sites from the same domain to see how competition handles the same task.

10 Free Project Management Tools to Fit Your Needs

For the last couple of months I have been wanting to create a new simple project management application. My needs were and still are, for an application that has the most basic features wrapped up in a good looking user interface. I’m still considering creating the app, but for now I just want to keep on researching. As a result of my research I’ve compiled 10 free and open source…

Creating a Content Slider for WordPress using TinySlider

I know that I have to make some kind of introduction about WordPress and content to connect it to the article’s headline but it seems that today I have no inspiration. So – you have a WordPress site, you need a content slider, you’ve tested a couple WordPress plugins and you’re not happy with the result. In that case – this is the post that you want to read, the…

Showcasing Great Iron Man Based Creations

As you know, the sequel to Iron Man the movie is coming next month. It seems like a good time to showcase some greatly executed and interesting compositions created by fans. I will also publish several trailers for the second installment, in case you’re not familiar with all the action in this new movie.

User Experience Bookmarks –

Today, I want to announce a new site developed for you, especially – user experience lovers. This site is dedicated to sharing information related to the UX/UI domain where anyone can contribute with quality links. I don’t see this site as a news site but instead I want the site to become a resources place, where any professional can find at least one valuable user experience bookmark. For that purpose…

Stop Wasting My Time ā€“ by user

Apart from being a producer of user interfaces and experiences, Iā€™m also a consumer. And every time I find a site that has poor implementation regarding user experience and usability ā€“ I tend to leave that site immediately. Usually that is what any user will do instead of wasting time. In this post I will list some of the most important paths a designer should embrace when designing a user…

Create Wireframes and Prototypes with FlairBuilder

The wireframing industry, you can call it that way because there are numerous players, is rapidly evolving. And with this evolution comes diversity, which we all know drives innovation and lowers the price. This post is a review dedicated to wireframing and prototyping tool called FlairBuilder.

10 Impressive Game Trailers

Do you remember the first game trailer that made you WOW. And I don’t mean WOW like Windows Vista … but a real WOW. Well this is a post that tries to give thanks to those creative game trailers designers and also remember some of the best trailers.

My Top 10 Daily Web Stops

I am curious about your first daily web stops. So in order to find yours I will share mine. Here are my first 10 web stops that usually are on my list every day. Let’s check them and see whether you have the same habits or not.

Thanks to our Sponsors

With the help of this mini-post I want to thank our sponsors for their support. With their help I can continue sustaining this blog and delivering from time to time some interesting posts. Cheers! Sponsors: – WPBest – The Best Premium WordPress Themes, Pugins and More – WordPress Themes – Cheers!

6 Icon Packs You Will Actually Use

These days you can find icon packs posts on many blogs. There is nothing wrong with that, just that you should get value from those icon packs. In this post I want to showcase 6 icon packs that I think are worth mentioning and saving as a bookmark for future projects. There is no particular order – every pack has the same importance.

Creating Wireframes with Pencil (Firefox Addon)

As a request from the previous article, I’ve decided to create a tutorial on how to create wireframes using Firefox. OK, we wont be using just Firefox but an additional addon – Pencil -, which makes creating graphic user interfaces and various types of sketches an easy task.