GIF, JPG and PNG File Formats: Pros and Cons

There are 3 main file formats flowing across the web. Each file format has its advantages and drawbacks. In this post I will showcase the pros and cons of GIF, JPG and PNG. So, read the post and decide which file format is suitable for your images.

CSS Code Readability Tips

Reading and writing seem to be simple actions yet they are not. When it comes to web design, these actions are vital for various reasons and they have a higher priority in the web design process. What I’m trying to say is that it is crucial to write code in a good way. That is because any other person that interacts with the code should feel comfortable with it.

6 Sites for Web Designer Wannabes

This article is the result of a phone call that I received from a friend. She said: “I’ve just realized that I want to learn web design. What should I do?”. Based on this request I started to think about some of the best tutorials for web design. It is obvious that W3Schools was the first thing that popped in my mind. I believe it to be one of the…

(X)HTML Best Practices

Following the first article about CSS best practices, these next lines will contain information about a related field and topic – (X)HTML. The practices are not a must in order to write (X)HTML, but they are needed if you want to write good quality code. Now, let’s jump to the actual guidelines.

Compressing and Optimizing CSS Code

As you know, optimizing your site’s response time is one of the most popular topics regarding website design and development. And one of the elements that can be optimized in a site is CSS. Let’s take a look and see what ways of optimizing and compressing CSS code are available. For this purpose of showing the ways to optimize CSS code I picked up a CSS file from Dave Shea’s…

FIELDSET and LEGEND Tags in Web Design

In this post I will explain one common HTML element used in many websites. The element that I’m talking about is: FIELDSET linked closely with LEGEND. For a standard definition I will cite W3C. The FIELDSET element allows authors to group thematically related controls and labels. Grouping controls makes it easier for users to understand their purpose. The proper use of this element makes documents more accessible. The LEGEND element…

CSS Best Practices

I will first define CSS in order to start this article right. CSS is Everything. Seriously, for many web designers CSS is the beginning in a design world that will be followed by Javascript and understanding of server-side scripting. In order to become a decent web designer, one must know how to work with CSS. And a good way is to know the good practices in the CSS area. So…