Web Design Inspiration: The Honest Company with the Awesome Design

9 out of 10 guys will say to you that Jessica Alba is hot. The other guy doesn’t know who Jessica Alba is. The reason for mentioning her in this post is that, The Honest Company is founded by Jessica. The site is very well designed, has a nice colors scheme and it can be an example for how to design with end purpose in mind.

HOT UI: “Windows 8” Screenshots + Video

This is a new type of posts that Graphic Rating will publish from time to time entitled HOT UI – or Hot User Interface. And the first hot user interface is the new Windows. The real “WOW” The first thing bouncing into my head when I saw the new Windows 8 User Interface was the similarity to Windows Phone 7 UI which is an awesome thing. With Windows Phone 7,…

Get Inspired and Steal from the Best Designers

“Good Artists Borrow, Great Artists Steal” – Pablo Picasso. The main problem with this concept is that we often steal from the wrong person and instead of improving our output, we end up messing it up. In this post I will list some of the best designers out there, that can inspire you in your future designs.

Slider Components in Corporate Websites

Displaying content in a manner that fits your site can be difficult sometimes. And other times can be handled using a content slider. Let’s see how big corporate companies handle this task and integrate slider components in their websites. We will cover in this post 2 or 3 sites from the same domain to see how competition handles the same task.

Web Design Inspiration: Merix Studio

I am speechless. This is by far one of the most impressive web designs and implementations I’ve seen in the last years. It has everything, from graphics, unique style to make it identifiable, great implementation, smooth animations to a nice feeling when you come on the site. Congratulations and keep up the excellent work! KUDOS!!!

Web Design Inspiration: KISSmetrics

The third site in the Inspiration category is KISSmetrics. I will not speak too much about it because the design speaks for itself. The colors are well connected as well as the typography and images. Also you can check their blog too, because it has a simple design using same elements from the main site.

Web Design Inspiration: Kyan Media

Kyan Media’s website is one great destination for web designers that want to see how perfection can be achieved. I know that this sounds too much but belive me, their portfolio is awesome with great and diverse developed websites.

Web Design Inspiration: 2010 Ford Fusion

For today’s sample of good design, we will have to check the website for the upcoming Ford Fusion Hybrid 2010. The site is very well implemented and it is pretty creative. And the plus that this site has is that it was developed in Adobe Flash and it has a great interaction built in.