Design Conduct and Principles

Pretty often in our daily existence we tend to override our moral conduct. We sustain these alterations with various excuses, most of the time pointing at external reasons. In design, as in life, having principles and a proper conduct will help define you as a good designer.

The Avengers: Action, Humor, Great FX and Box Office Records

Just in case you we’re living under a rock or in wilderness, Marvel’s The Avengers had its premiere in USA this weekend. It may not be much for the masses, but for moviegoers and fans this is it. The clash between these wondrous super heroes has started and some of the most unique powers are about to collide.

The New Photoshop CS6 – Beauty and Features

People … this is huge Huge HUGE. Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta version has arrived. And it has a ton of new features and even bug fixes. Let’s get down to business and emphasize the most important features in this upcoming release.

Website Redesign Based on Metrics Analysis

Considering that Graphic Rating had no less than 5 redesigns, I think it is appropriate to write an article about the process of redesign. A process that is very important, where decisions should be based on real facts rather than the need for a fresh design. In these next lines I will share with you the analysis that preceded Graphic Rating’s current redesign session and all the metrics involved in…

15 Alternatives to WordPress, Joomla and Drupal Worth Checking

I’m sure most of you are familiar with various CMS’ like Drupal, Joomla and WordPress that are used for designing a mobile website. And since these content management systems which are well known worldwide help us build a mobile website design, we are not going to talk about them.This post is dedicated to great content management systems alternatives to WordPress, Joomla and Drupal that have some nice features and can…

The Impact of Speed Performance to a Website

A couple of months ago, last year, I’ve redesigned Graphic Rating. One of the purposes of this redesign, apart from getting tired of the old one, was improving the overall speed of the website. Let’s take a look at some inputs and the results after the redesign process.

Design Applications for every Designer – 3D Apps

There are multiple job titles that are related to design. From the auto industry to our own web design industry every designer needs a tool. Here is a post dedicated to those of you interested in other areas of design or simply interested in various design applications. Listed bellow are some of the most important 3d applications suitable for any needs.

10 Free Project Management Tools to Fit Your Needs

For the last couple of months I have been wanting to create a new simple project management application. My needs were and still are, for an application that has the most basic features wrapped up in a good looking user interface. I’m still considering creating the app, but for now I just want to keep on researching. As a result of my research I’ve compiled 10 free and open source…

User Experience Bookmarks –

Today, I want to announce a new site developed for you, especially – user experience lovers. This site is dedicated to sharing information related to the UX/UI domain where anyone can contribute with quality links. I don’t see this site as a news site but instead I want the site to become a resources place, where any professional can find at least one valuable user experience bookmark. For that purpose…

Stop Wasting My Time – by user

Apart from being a producer of user interfaces and experiences, I’m also a consumer. And every time I find a site that has poor implementation regarding user experience and usability – I tend to leave that site immediately. Usually that is what any user will do instead of wasting time. In this post I will list some of the most important paths a designer should embrace when designing a user…

10 Impressive Game Trailers

Do you remember the first game trailer that made you WOW. And I don’t mean WOW like Windows Vista … but a real WOW. Well this is a post that tries to give thanks to those creative game trailers designers and also remember some of the best trailers.

My Top 10 Daily Web Stops

I am curious about your first daily web stops. So in order to find yours I will share mine. Here are my first 10 web stops that usually are on my list every day. Let’s check them and see whether you have the same habits or not.

6 Icon Packs You Will Actually Use

These days you can find icon packs posts on many blogs. There is nothing wrong with that, just that you should get value from those icon packs. In this post I want to showcase 6 icon packs that I think are worth mentioning and saving as a bookmark for future projects. There is no particular order – every pack has the same importance.