Analyze and Optimize your web pages with Pagelocity

I know I haven’t been too active on Graphic Rating and I’m sorry about that. The reason was another project I was working on called Pagelocity. A web application dedicated to designers, developers and webmasters to optimize and maintain their applications. Let me explain in more details in the paragraphs to come.

Idea behind the application

In our area of activity, there are a lot of tools designed to help us keep our web pages running smooth. These tools help you identify some issues, others show your social presence and maybe others will let you know facts regarding SEO. But there are not many apps that give you all data, current and historic, related to all these segments. And I wanted to create such application, an application that will present insights about your web page, social statistics, content analysis and also information about your in-page resources and code.

1. Monitor your social presence

Because we live in a interconnected social web, social media is important for every site owner. It is crucial to know how your site is performing on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. And you can monitor your social metrics using Pagelocity.

Pagelocity Social Media Chart

2. Analyse in-Page SEO

In-page SEO – or content optimization, is still very important in these days. Within my app you can monitor various sections of the web page like: title, description, headings as well as internal, external and nofollow links. This is quite vital if you want your content to be well written.

Pagelocity SEO Module

3. Optimize web resources

Resources are the heaviest part of a web page. Whether we talk about images, scripts or styles, web pages tend to have a lot of them. Sometimes scripts are blocking the rendering, other times you have images without alternative texts or unnecessary style files. Using Pagelocity, you can have access to this information, helping you improve the speed of your web pages.

Pagelocity Resources Module

4. Improve CSS&HTML

Poor HTML&CSS is still one of the root causes for low quality websites. You can often see duplicate ids in pages or bloated CSS files. For this part, the data provided helps you identify these errors, see the overall HTML structure, selectors length as well as Google PageSpeed score.

Pagelocity Code Module

5. Compare you with your competitors

You might have some competitors in your area or you might want to compare different websites. For this, Pagelocity comes with a Competitive Analysis, showcasing the most important values – both historical and current. In this way you can see where your website is lagging behind or not.

Pagelocity Competitive Analysis

… More to come

This is just the start for Pagelocity. The roadmap I have set for the app will add a lot of new features as well as miscellaneous metrics. And to continue with another reason behind the application – learning. Developing Pagelocity has pushed me to learn new things, work with new frameworks and interact with users.

Please head to and take the app for a spin. If you like it, use it, it is free. If you don’t, let me know what I can do to improve it.


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