Koloria: Free Icons Set

Dear readers, designers, developers and bloggers, I am pleased to announce you my second free icon set, Koloria. It contains more than 160 pixel perfect icons (32×32 pixels) and is suitable for various types of commercial or open source projects.


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A Free Multipurpose Icon Set

I designed Koloria in order to cover as many needs as possible. Whether you want to use it in a product website, a portfolio or even a webapp, these icons will help you achieve your goals.

Pixel Perfect Icons

Designed in Adobe Photoshop, the icons are pixel perfect. Every icon is designed from scratch having no more than 32 by 32 pixels. The real advantage here is that, instead of creating an icon in vector based applications and then scale it down, the icon is already designed at the right size and it looks sharp without blurred parts.

Suitable for Dark or Light Compositions

One of the challenges with this icon pack was to be suitable for different type of layouts covering both dark and light ones. Now, don’t expect to perfectly fit your black background because it won’t. Instead it will be well rendered on top of different shades of gray. That will help covering a lot of user interfaces.

Why free?

I like to think that as designers and developers, we are responsible for creating a healthy working ecosystem. It is nice when I find a well documented piece of code that helps me with my projects and I want to think that Koloria will be useful for the ecosystem, helping new projects and ideas.

Terms of Use

Koloria Icon Set can be used in open source or commercial projects for free.
– When you mention Koloria Icon Set, please refer to this page/download link.
– Do not sell the package on graphic stock sites – this pack is intended to be free. You may include the icons in your commercial themes/designs/creations.
– Do not claim to be the author of this icon set.


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  1. Alex Wells

    Thanks for the icons, they look amazing i have added them to my resources folder and am looking for the opportunity to put them to use!

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    Thanks, nice work. The icons look great!

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    Great work and thanks for sharing!

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    Great icon set! I’ll add them to my resources folder :)

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    merci pour pour ce tresor d’icones, c’est vraiment formidable

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    Excelente tu trabajo, gracias por compartirlo con el mundo.

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    Buen laburo!!!

  13. Lelique

    Very nice icons, but “WHY FREE?” — that’s realy great words! ) Thanks.

    • Andy Gongea

      Thanks for your appreciation.
      I thought of selling this pack but maybe the next one. Cheers!

  14. Dris

    Thank you very much, You easy my job. Thanks again

  15. Carl Dolc

    Muchas gracias por compartir tus creaciones, ojala tengas estas imagenes en resoluciones mayores, aun asi es una excelente idea :) :) :)

  16. Henry

    Great Collection!! Thanks for sharing

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    are these gpl? an obvious no-doubt license would help :)

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    Koloria icons set is amazing! Thanks for sharing! +++

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