The Avengers: Action, Humor, Great FX and Box Office Records

Just in case you we’re living under a rock or in wilderness, Marvel’s The Avengers had its premiere in USA this weekend. It may not be much for the masses, but for moviegoers and fans this is it. The clash between these wondrous super heroes has started and some of the most unique powers are about to collide.

The Avengers’ Inception

Published by Marvel Comics in September 1963, The Avengers was created by iconic Jack Kirby and Stan Lee – two of the main forces in the comic books domain. Initially the team consisted of Iron Man, Ant-Man, Wasp, Thor and Hulk, and along the way other characters were added. It was some kind of response to DC Comics’ Justice League of America. But easily The Avengers turns into a big success and with the help of superheroes successes on the big screen, funds start to appear for Marvel.

In 2008, Iron Man – which was considered a middle-weight character compared to Spider-Man or Superman, gains a fortune in theaters and starts to pave the way for new flicks. Directed by Jon Favreau, the movie ends up with $585 millions in the charts and a new generation of fans ready to support Marvel’s heroes. I wasn’t a fan at that time and I still believe that Michael Bay’s Transformer (2007) is a far better movie, but I have to agree that Robert Downey jr did a terrific job as Tony Starks.

One month later, The Incredible Hulk erupts in the cinemas but with minor achievements, confirming its lack of charisma. Although I think the movie was quite nice, the gains were modest and the movie wasn’t proposed for a sequel. Two years later, Iron Man 2 appears in theaters gaining $620 millions followed by Thor (2011). Both movies were well received with Thor being appraised both for technical achievements and a nice story.

Back to 2012

Instead of adding any more historical facts, I will share my experience. To be frank, I was expecting a lot of action, some mean lines from Tony Stark and nice environments. But other than that, I was aiming for a decent superhero movie.

Before the movie, my feeling was that Thor and Iron Man will be the hot shots assisted by the rest of the gang. I was happily surprised to see that the share of action was equally divided between heroes and even secondary roles were vital to team’s cause. In the beginning of the movie, each character tackles the rest of team and by end of first half you get tensions and a loose formation. But once the things start to heat up The Avengers kick some serious butt.

Being a second-tier superhero, Hulk delivers the goods in this movie. Not only the awesome special effects and his ability to pretty much crush everything, but also the funny moments together with Mark Ruffalo‘s performance, make Hulk my favorite avenger. Also, I enjoyed the evil character, Loki, as much as I did with the positive ones. In this movie, compared with Thor, he has some extra help and a lot of tricks up his sleeve. And together with his alien friends, they pretty much manage to wreck New York.

The last half hour is non-stop action: Hawkeye fires his bow almost like Legolas (you even get a reference in the movie to Lord of the Rings’ elf), Black Widow manages some nice moves against the bad guys while Iron Man, Thor and Captain America take care of the guests.

Regarding actors’ performances everything was according to my expectations and I was happy to see Stan Lee appear once again in Marvels movies.

4th – 6th May – Box Office Records

Already with $300 millions grossed worldwide, The Avengers was poised to have a good start. Based on previous superhero movies, it was expected to have a solid first weekend. But no one thought that the movie will surpass Harry Potter (2011) score – $169 million.

Well, according to Box Office Mojo, the estimated gross for these 3 days together with early previews on Thursday is $200 millions. That can be translated like this:

Fastest Movie to $200 mil
All Time Opening Weekend
Top Grossing Day of the Week
Widest Theater Release – 4349

I encourage you to go an see the movie because it delivers. It has the recipe to get you a happy person at the end of the movie.

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    Take Rocio too, she will enjoy it :D