The New Photoshop CS6 – Beauty and Features

People … this is huge Huge HUGE. Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta version has arrived. And it has a ton of new features and even bug fixes. Let’s get down to business and emphasize the most important features in this upcoming release.

Layer Manipulation: Filtering, Searching and much more

OMG! This feature will boost my productivity like no other feature. Being able to search through my hundreds layers and also to filter them by a number of criteria will help me easily identify a particular layer and manipulate my files.

Stroke Styles

This one is huge. Being able to create custom strokes similar to Illustrator is an impressive new feature. I remember all the work I had to put into strokes without this feature. Fill patterns and a lot of actions were needed in order to achieve something similar to Photoshop CS6 Stroke feature.

Mini Bridge

I can honestly say that I quite hated Bridge. It was that one application that for little functionality was making my PC running like a lawn mower. Now, it seems that Adobe has added a mini version within Photoshop that has some nice features and helps you rapidly find your graphic resources.

Iris Blur

Together with a couple of new options, Iris Blur will be one of the main important new features for photographers. With several clips you can obtain awesome results. An example is the main image for this article.

New, Sexy, Dark Interface

Probably the most important change in the entire Photoshop life is this layout upgrade, towards a darker theme. Apart from the fact that now you can focus on your work without distractions, the new interface features a new set of crispy icons and a better interaction with the panels.

Automatically Save Recovery Information

It seems like Adobe heard me, so no more wasted time on work only to have a crash ruin your day. Now you can easily set a default time frame to backup automatically your work in progress.

Content Aware Patch

You know those pictures from holidays and trips, when in the background you have a person that somehow ruins the shot? Well, you can forget about the person, with Content Aware Patch you can easily move elements in a composition and the background filling is done by Photoshop. No more cloning.

3D & Improved Timeline

It is obvious that Photoshop is now considered not only the best solution for photo editing and web design, but also a good destination for 3D enthusiasts and animators. Now, the 3D and Timeline features are no longer entry components in Photoshop, but solid components that help finalize some of the most diverse tasks. And yes, by improved timeline I want to say working with video files.

… and Speed

The feeling with this new release is that Photoshop is snappy now. I know I’m talking about Photoshop, the only application that uses more RAM than Firefox. But the fact is that even though this is a beta release, it feels good working with it. And you can grab it for test from here: Adobe Photoshop CS6

5 ideas on “The New Photoshop CS6 – Beauty and Features

  1. Stefan

    Just so you know, Mini Bridge was already included in CS5!

    • Andy Gongea

      You are right Stefan. Mini Bridge was in CS5 but now it has some minor change that I like.

  2. Alastair Leith

    What about the re-focus out of focus photographs algorithm they demoed ages ago? No show?

  3. Tim

    A dark interface is hard to see and read text on for long periods of time. I work in Photoshop literally 8 hours a day, so a light grey with black text is best. Also, the color is the ONLY thing that changed. The interface hasn’t undergone any kind of overhaul. It is almost exactly the same as CS5. I was hoping Adobe would bring back the “dock” in the context bar at the top to throw my less used panel in. It was the best thing they ever put in their interface, but they took it out like 4 versions ago and it never came back. Unfortunate.

    What Adobe needs to add are features that will actually make our lives as designers and artists easier: Text and Paragraph styles are FINALLY being added to CS6. I don’t think graphic styles are getting any sort of update. I hope I am wrong because they are terrible right now. They need to work like the styles in InDesign, which are amazing.
    They need to add 9-slice scaling. They need to add symbols. I could go on.

    I have had CS5 since it came out and I have yet to use the content aware fill. It never works right for the photos I have to edit. I end up going back to the old standard, the clone stamp. Sometimes the healing brush, but usually that doesn’t work so well either because you need space around the area you are trying to heal.

    When is Adobe going to listen to its customers?!
    [/end rant]

    • Andy Gongea

      Hey Tim, you seem like the typical Adobe Photoshop customer – pissed(Adobe has made a lot of mistakes along the way). It is true that during these last releases Adobe has added few important features, but this release seems to have an edge over the previous ones.

      The interface is still configurable so you can go back to the default one, but from my point of view it works better the darker one.

      Of course there is a ton of additional features that I would love to see, but for now, I think this release makes more sense than previous. Iris Blur is definitely a hit, Layer filtering as well.

      Thanks for your comment,