HOT UI: “Windows 8” Screenshots + Video

This is a new type of posts that Graphic Rating will publish from time to time entitled HOT UI – or Hot User Interface. And the first hot user interface is the new Windows.

The real “WOW”

The first thing bouncing into my head when I saw the new Windows 8 User Interface was the similarity to Windows Phone 7 UI which is an awesome thing. With Windows Phone 7, Microsoft created a new user interface with its design language named Metro. Now it seems like MS borrowed the interface to Windows, making the OS feel more like 2015 rather than 2005. The only thing I can say is that Microsoft missed the WOW Vista campaign by 6 years.

Can’t wait for BETA

Microsoft really made me want to test this new thing, same way as it did with Windows 7. The only difference is that the new OS steps into the new era of personal computing – mobile, productive and … more personal. With this user interface and experience, Microsoft shows that Windows can be fun too.


Here is the link with the first official Windows 8 showcase: Windows 8
Here is a first glimpse on how the UI will look in the next installment of the most popular operating system for PC’s – Window 8. Enjoy!

2 ideas on “HOT UI: “Windows 8” Screenshots + Video

  1. Thomas

    Hello Andy,

    thank you for these first pictures, do you know a date for the release of Windows 8?
    best regards from Germany


    • Andy Gongea

      Who knows … only Microsoft. I wish they will soon release some stable beta version. I haven’t tried the current one, but for sure I will try the new release.