Slider Components in Corporate Websites

Displaying content in a manner that fits your site can be difficult sometimes. And other times can be handled using a content slider. Let’s see how big corporate companies handle this task and integrate slider components in their websites. We will cover in this post 2 or 3 sites from the same domain to see how competition handles the same task.


Apart from the fact that BlackBerry’s slider content is outstanding and very creative, it also takes the main part of the site making the slider the most important part on the homepage.


Palm takes the slider component and uses it in a slightly different manner. Instead of being the main focus on the front page, Palm has a smaller vertical slider that is more subtle than the one from BlackBerry.


You can see a big resemblance between HTC and BlackBerry. HTC uses the slider as the main component on the same page though the style is more clean and with a sketchy touch.


HP takes the content slider a little bit further compared to previous sliders. Apart from the usual navigation, HP adds a play, previous and next buttons and makes the slider static in the first place.


Lenovo is another company that has a big slider on the first page as well. Actually almost all big players from the PC domain have and on Lenovo’s site you can see a simple one with a simple numbers based navigation.


Compared to Lenovo, Acer has its main page deigned as a big slider with thumbnails position in the bottom right side for navigation. From this selection of sliders it is the one with the strongest presence.


We can’t have this showcase without mentioning Microsoft. On its first page Microsoft has a slider like a horizontal accordion. It is a different approach compared with the rest sliders, it shows the content clearly and I assume it drives good conversion since it is on Microsoft website for quite some time.


I actually can’t remember IBM’s site without a slider. I think that is because IBM had few updates on the design and that a slider was involved in one way or another. Anyway, the slider looks great because it always has great images and a simple fade+slide in effect for text.


What ca we say about Oracle’s slider. Not much actually … it is simple, powered by great images and it has a simple navigation placed in the top right side.


SAP, Oracle’s biggest competitor has a slider too. The difference is that the navigation is based on thumbnails, in this case faces of important people.


Nvidia relies heavily on the slider to notice the user about latest events and products. Its slides are often small videos that enhance the importance of the slider.


AMD/ATI has a different opinion on how to use a slider. On their site, you can find 2 smaller sliders – one to promote technologies and another to showcase products.


Now that we’ve covered AMD, we must cover Intel. And Intel has a slider too, but bigger (no wonder), with blue based images in order to emphasize Intel brand.


A different segment where content sliders are often used is the segment of portals. And AOL is one of the top portals with a small slider in the center of the page that showcases the most important news.


MSN falls in the same category as AOL and it has a slider with the same functionality as AOL. But you will notice that MSN has a much more cleaner approach.


The last 2 examples are from e-commerce sites. The first one is NewEgg a great site for electronics that uses the slider component at a lower scale compared to early showcased sites. The main purpose of the slider is to present the latest promotions.


The last item on our list is Compared to NewEgg, its slider has a different approach, covering a lot of space but promoting general stuff rather than specific.

As you can see, slider components are widely spread and also are becoming popular. From blogs to corporate websites we find these components scattered across the web. Let us know what you think about this component or other great samples of sliders.


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      Thanks for noticing. You know how it is … there’s always at least one thing you’ve missed.

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    Great article Andy. I myself have been a big fan of sliders and I propose the same to each one of my clients. Whether be it corporate websites, or media, sliders just work!

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    Sliders can really bring a website to life!!!

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    Thanks for sharing ! Sliders makes the website less static and i guess that’s what corporate websites are lacking. Keep your posts going :)

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