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Apart from being a producer of user interfaces and experiences, I’m also a consumer. And every time I find a site that has poor implementation regarding user experience and usability – I tend to leave that site immediately. Usually that is what any user will do instead of wasting time.

In this post I will list some of the most important paths a designer should embrace when designing a user interface or optimizing one.

Make your Call to Action buttons visible

I’ve visited many websites with this problem: Inaccessible or low visibility Call-to-Action buttons. When designing a page, a user interface – the first thing you must consider is the placement of your CTA buttons. In this way you will get the right feedback from your CTA buttons. Then, it matters how the buttons look – usually we should make the buttons stand-out and be easy to identify from the content.

Reduce the number of clicks

I’m not that picky regarding this matter, but when I have to click 7-8 times in order to download a file – that poses as a big problem. As a practice, I tend to keep my clicks in the websites I make – around 3-4. In this way you force yourself not only to create a better user experience, but also to have a good architechture behind your site.

Define a goal

Every website should have a goal. By setting that in the beginning you save precious time both from yourself and the user. Also try and lead the user to the same goal through elements in your user interface. This can only mean less wasted time for the user.

Speed-up your website

Another criteria against wasting users’ time is to have a fast site. This means that the user will focus on finding the content instead of waiting for the content to load. There are numerous resources on how to improve your site speed. So please consider speeding-up your site.


Having these ideas in mind, you will achieve a nice user experience which can be translated into less wasted time and productive interaction. Cheers!

4 ideas on “Stop Wasting My Time – by user

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    It makes more sense when I see your site and the fact you know what you’re talking about.

    The clarity and clean styling of your site is superb.

    I developed our site, PingVPS, and I hope I have achieved at least a little bit of what you’re saying.
    I’m gonna go through it again and see where it can be improved, thanks for the tips.

  2. JBingold

    Site ergonomique et rapide point de vue d’utilsateurs (via @reapdevelopment)

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  3. Iflexion

    You know, we are working now on our website restyling. We are going to make everything clear on our website, apply soft graphics and may be insert some actual widgets like corporate twitter account and facebook fan page. Hope it will help to improve the impression of every visitor.

  4. S.Smith - Real Taiji

    Yep. I’m with you – especially about not bothering with ineffective sites. The other one: too many ads offend my sensibilities. If a site is designed just for ads, it’s not for me to look at!

    2-3 spots in the corner: nicely done.