My Top 10 Daily Web Stops

I am curious about your first daily web stops. So in order to find yours I will share mine. Here are my first 10 web stops that usually are on my list every day. Let’s check them and see whether you have the same habits or not.

1. Gmail

logo1By far this is the first thing that I go to when I open my browser. I think I’m not the only person since checking your mail in our days is crucial to any professional.

2. Google Analytics

analytics-logo2Yes, my name is Andy Gongea and I have a stats addiction. So, the next thing that I usually do is to verify Graphic Rating’s stats.

3. Blog Comments

This action is somehow related to the first one, since all comments are sent as an email. But, there are also the tweets that are counted and any activity on Twitter must be supervised.

4. Techmeme

techmemeBy far the first news stop for me. It has the latest news from the tech world and as far as I know I’m kinda involved in that world.

5. BoxOfficeMojo

As I’ve told you I love stats and I also love movies. And what better destination than a site about new movie earnings. You can pick any one of my favorite movies and I can tell you how much it cost or the entire gross.

6. Smashing Magazine

smashing-magazineOne of the best web design stops ever. For me it is definitely a source of learning and sharing information.

7. Twitter

twitter-logo-184x138What can I say, this “hottie” is not in the first spots on my list. I like to tweet but with moderation. At first I was the excitement but now it is just a simple visit.

8. Techcrunch

techcrunch2I know that Techmeme is listed in the upper side of the post but Techcrunch remains the site for latest news about startups and technology.


wordpressThis is somehow related to my projects. Lately I’ve been working with WordPress a lot. In this case the site has become a constant destination every day.

10. Compete

competeThis proves what I was saying about stats. Daily I’m back to Compete in order to see the stats for a particular website.

Bonus: Bing/Google

In the end, searching for information is a daily vital step. For this last stop Google and Bing are both great destination for reaching the information needed.

Now, it is your turn. What are your top daily web stops?

14 ideas on “My Top 10 Daily Web Stops

  1. Tanish

    You can combine at least some of those into either `Google Reader` or `Feedly` extension for firefox (with this you can combine twitter too.)

    Save some minutes.

    • Andy Gongea

      I’ve tried them both and so far Google Reader and Feedly are not addictive to me.

  2. Sreeraj

    Thanks 4 the info. . . Most of d sites u described were unknown….

  3. Andy

    I’m not sure I have 10 but here we go in no particular order well addicted to this lol
    google analytics,, to catch up on news catch up on sport oh and work lol

    • Andy Gongea

      I used to play Gladiatus – same as BiteFight – quite addictive but you will get tired of doing the same thing over and over again.

  4. Web Solutions


    These top stops are used by us daily.

  5. mike

  6. mike

  7. Jason Stockton

    Here’s another good one for web designers and developers…

  8. Johnny

    Just Kidding :)

  9. Baloot

    Same as me, Gmail, Google Reader and Smashing Magazine was my DAILY WEB STOPS. :)

    Nice to know this blog. I love your header design.

    • Andy Gongea

      Thanks! Soon I will change it though, I will create a new simple theme developed with speed and performance in mind.

  10. Mack

    Gadgets are having greater impact in everyone’s life.
    It would been better, if you have added into your list

  11. inspirationfeed

    I’m very similar to you, instead i use yahoo email…..don’t judge me.