6 Icon Packs You Will Actually Use

These days you can find icon packs posts on many blogs. There is nothing wrong with that, just that you should get value from those icon packs. In this post I want to showcase 6 icon packs that I think are worth mentioning and saving as a bookmark for future projects. There is no particular order – every pack has the same importance.

1. Social Network Icon Pack

Designed by Rogie King from Komodo Media, the Social Network Icon Pack contains 80 refined, amazing social networking icons for the top networks around: Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, StumbleUpon etc. I’ve used this pack to create my spreading buttons and so far they’ve achieved their purpose.
Sizes: 16×16 and 32×32
Where to use: Blogging.

2. Function Icon Pack

One of the most comprehensive yet compact icon pack, and definitely one of the most used is Liam McKay’s Function Icon Pack. This guy is brilliant and his work is absolutely awesome. Function Icon Pack contains 128 icons that are suitable for multiple tasks related to blogging and web design.
Sizes: 48×48
Where to use: Web Design, Blogging.

3. Bright! Icon Set

Developed by the guys behind Icon Eden, Bright! is a great set of icons that can be used in various situations since it comes as a vector file. It has nice colors, 148 icons, great perspective and room for your creativity to put the icons at best use.
Sizes: all
Where to use: Web Design, Blogging.

4. 32px Mania

With 179 slick icons, 32px Mania is one of the best icon packs dedicated to user interface designing. All icons have a nice Apple-ish touch and can be easily integrated in designs. Of course you can use this pack not only in UI but in other task that you’ll find it usable.
Sizes: 32px
Where to use: User Interface Design, Blogging

5. Led Icon Set

This pack is the only mega pack presented in this list. I usually don’t like big packs because most of the times they contain duplicate icons. This is not the case with Led Icon Set design by Marcis Gasnus because LED has 512 great icons that will cover all areas without being redundant.
Sizes: 16px
Where to use: User Interface Design

6. Project Icon Set

This one is a small package that contains no more than 18 icons. The main advantage of Project Icon Set is that it can be applied in multiple areas even if it represents project management related icons. Cheers to Deziner Folio for providing this nice icon set.
Sizes: all
Where to use: Web Design, Blogging


I didn’t enter my Quartz Icon Pack here because it isn’t mature enough. Maybe after 100.000 downloads :D. Kudos for all designers making designing a better activity and cheers to all icon designers!

22 ideas on “6 Icon Packs You Will Actually Use

  1. Gilbert

    Well I’d have to agree for the sheer reason that I have used all of these icon packs in projects and websites I’ve done.

  2. Alex

    Also check out Silk, which has oodles of icons you can use for free:


    • Andy Gongea

      I know Silk. The problem is that it has many icons with small variations. LED is different – it has diversity.

  3. Mathijs

    The Fugue pack is awesome too.

  4. Chris

    Thank you for this collection, I discover every day new icon packs but most of them I never use because they often contain just a few icons or they don’t have the one I need for my design but this collections looks promising!

  5. Jaff

    I like user_black_female icon from “Led Icon set” because the girl is WHITE! ROFL

    • Marcis Gasuns

      Is it a problem?

      • Andy Gongea

        No problem Marcis, he was joking. 2 thumbs up for the pack

  6. Verbatim

    Besides maybe the “Social Network Icon Pack” I don’t see anything worth being mentioned … the era of quantity when quality hibernates.

  7. Theodor Augustin

    Felicitari, sunt mandru sa afluu ca multe din png-urile folosite cu predilectie de mine provin de la un roman. Abia acum ti-am descoperit site-ul si am vazut cam cu ce te ocupi (desi marturisesc ca inteleg deocamdata prea putin, mea culpa).

    • Andy Gongea

      Cele 6 iconite prezentate nu sunt facute de mine. Doar cel mentionat in concluzie – Quartz Icon Pack. Celelalte sunt realizate de designeri consacrati si foarte talentati.
      Numai bine.

  8. Andy

    Beautifully designed blog…i really like it…heaps of great stuff here too. I also love your quartz icon pack!

    • Andy Gongea

      Thanks for your kind words.

  9. Durocher

    Nice ICON Pack! Thank You

  10. Redstage Magento

    Great icon packs. I’m sure these will come in handy!

  11. Samantha Evans

    Great! I love practically all icons of the post, perfect quality! Click the link, also good icons of high style. I’m astonished by the creativity and style. Cheers!

  12. Douglas

    Very useful icons, will use them in the future.

  13. Icon files

    very very cool
    efforts here. i really appreciate you for all posts. keep it up Dude.

  14. Ronenvikki

    excellent icons.i appreciate your project icon set

  15. Cristan Meijer

    “Social Network Icon Pack”
    Nope, can’t use it. I has a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike licence. Because of that, I have to attribute the author and share the icons with a similar license. That’s not an option.

    “Function Icon Set”
    Nope: “all we ask is that you share these icons by linking to this page.”

    How am I supposed to do all that? End every page with a list of the authors of the visible icons? I’m really not going to do that.

    So, I’m afraid the “You Will Actually Use” part of the title of this blog isn’t completely true.

    • Andy Gongea

      Giving credit for someone’s work is nice.

  16. Manik

    Nice icon packs. 32px mania is awesome. I appreciate.