Things I Love and Hate in Web Design

This post will be composed of all the positive and negative things in web design that I think are worth mentioning. You may agree or not with the list and please complete it with your own Love-Hate things. So here are my 2 lists with the things I find rewarding and the things I detest in Web Design.


Things I Love in Web Design:

1. Web Design Community Sites

With sites like A List Apart, Smashing Magazine, Digital Web or Envato Tuts network it is pretty hard not to love web design.

2. Content Management Systems

CMS have been the engine of web design in the last 2 years helping the Internet to evolve rapidly. There are so many that you will for sure find one that is suitable for you.

3. Google Analytics

This is the third most visited site for me after my mail account and my website. I just love the pie-charts and timeline based information.

4. CSS Galleries

Although there are a ton of CSS galleries out there, you can always find good inspiration resources in these sites, especially now when there are many niche ones.

5. Good Freebies

I really enjoy from time to time a good freebie: a WordPress theme, an icon pack, a CSS template etc. Also from time to time I enjoy creating one and see the feedback.

6. Typography

– I love this thing because there are very few designers in the entire world that are extraordinary with web typography.

7. Optimizing for Performance

I really love this area of Web Design because it makes you think of different ways to improve your site speed.

8. WordPress

Although you may say that WordPress can be a part of the second love argument I disagree. WordPress is something apart, beyond the concept of a CMS. WordPress is pure awesomeness.


Things I Hate in Web Design:

1. Offending Comments

I hate the comments that cross the line of a negative or contradictory comment. Usually comments should stay relative to the article. I know I had a couple of offending comments online so far and for that I’m sorry.

2. Internet Explorer 6

I’ve had my share of pain because of IE6 so I really hate it right now. And based on the latest reactions across the web, I’m sure I’m not the only one.

3. CSS Inconsistency

Even after 10 years – CSS 2 is not rendered the same way in browsers. This says something about the different directions that the major browsers had along the years.

4. Opera Marketing Team

Opera is a great browser but the marketing team assigned to assist Opera is far from creative, competitive or productive.

5. Same Template on Multiple Sites

A template is a starting point for a web site. It helps you get rid of the hard part. Today, templates are a final “starting point” which is why many pages look the same.

6. Lists Articles

I hate the articles that have no original content – just a description from Wikipedia, a link and an image. At least create the description yourself.

7. Plagiarism

Whenever a site gets famous, there are 20 designers ready to clone it. No further comment.


According to spammers, web designers have a small penis, erection problems and the list can continue. We really have some problems.

9. Google Adsense

Although it is an important source of income for many blogs, those text ads are annoying as hell and they break the user experience on a web site.


In the end every domain has its drawbacks and advantages, but that doesn’t make me love Opera Marketing Team. Cheers!

23 ideas on “Things I Love and Hate in Web Design

  1. BYurick

    What’s up with the Opera Marketing Team hate? Did I miss a post about this?

    • Andy Gongea

      Opera is a great product and they only have 2% of the worldwide market share. That is quite annoying.

      I mean they have addons, speed, tools and only 2 percent. I think they could’ve done better in promoting the product, creating viral campaigns and so on.


  2. Chris Coppenbarger

    IE7 and IE8 are driving me nuts right now as well. IE7 more so.

  3. emintolga

    Things I Love and Hate in Web Design (via feedly)

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  4. jokr

    It’s interesting that you mention google adsense but you don’t say anything about other ads. I find most of the other ads especially flash ads that slide over html content much more annoying than adsense. And of course I have to agree with Can Berkol that if ads are carefully placed onto the page their presence shouldn’t be annoying at all.

    You also say that you hate list articles and I have to disagree with you on that too. There are a lot of list articles and/or roundups that offer no original content but instead they offer a great source of information and inspiration. And the time and work put into those articles is the same if not even greater that most of the articles out there.

    • Andy Gongea

      You are absolutely right, flash ads are annoying but Adsense is omnipresent. Every site has adsense and it has become like spam to my eyes.

      The problem with lists is that they offer duplicate content. You will find roundups like “best wordpress themes” or “X twitter clients” all over the net. So in this case, a big amount of sites share the same information without creating new and valuable content.

      Yes, the roundups are easy to write and most of the times they generate great traffic, but by doing lists you stagnate the creativity and original content. This is why I hate Lists articles.

      Cheers and Thanks for your comment!

      • Can Berkol

        On the originality matter I agree with you Andy. I want original content. A lot of blogs out there are just copying other’s posts by adding a few more items to the lists. Sometimes they don’t event bother to that..

      • BYurick

        I’m so sick of the lists tweeted at retweeted ad nauseam. How many “Top 10 (insert WordPress function)” can there be? I don’t even read them anymore since they’re all the same. And the list of “Top 100 (something)” I lose interest after the first 8 or 9 items.

      • Dave Sparks

        Totally agree about list articles – There are so many blogs out there that just have reams of content that simply links to other blogs or recreates similar lists.

        I once read somewhere that as a rule unless you’re Smashing Magazine don’t bother!

  5. Can Berkol

    Google Adsense or any other advertisement is annoying if ads are just thrown carelessly within page. On the other hand there are really good examples of how to integrate any ad into design seamlessly without breaking usability rules. If the content of the ads, the location and the design are chosen carefully then I cannot agree with your point. Other than that I am on your side :).

  6. andygongea

    Things I Love and Hate in Web Design – – new blog post

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  7. CtrlFollow

    Things I Love and Hate in Web Design

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  8. sitiodeldia

    Things I Love and Hate in Web Design (via @andygongea) #diseñoweb

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  9. David

    I have to strongly agree with the IE6, spam, originality and same template usage. It seems people lack the push to be different these days.

  10. Zábavná videa

    Heh, It´s my list :-) I hate all IE and i love Chrome!!!

  11. ogzcn

    Things I Love and Hate in Web Design

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  12. meebits

    “Things I love and hate in web design”

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  13. MArk

    I’ll have to disagree with you on the list artcles. I love reading them and I have done them. I have read several list on the same topic but a times they deliver slightly different content in each one with new information. And I can’t really say I care where they got the description from. No point in reinventing the wheel. If the description is provided you might as well use that. The main point of the list is to get the info to you.

    • Andy Gongea

      I respect your opinion but like I said in the post I’m no big fan of List Articles. But I agree that there are some lists that are original and useful.


  14. wix

    I like your list about web design. However; Would you like to include having flash objects integrated but are still highly optimized for the search engines? :-)

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  17. contractor web design

    what's with the hate on google ads? maybe you mean scattered ads, surely those were noob sites! what I hate are those zangoo sites lol