An Introduction to Web Hosting

When looking for web hosting you might become somewhat puzzled by all the different forms of web hosting. What do they all mean and which plan is the perfect match for you and your website? Below you will find descriptions of the most popular types of hosting, making your decision easier.


Shared Hosting – Cheap and Qualitative

The most popular form of web hosting on the market today is shared hosting. The hosting is affordable and if signing up with any of the well-known and trustworthy web hosts you can be sure that it will be of great quality as well. As mentioned is shared hosting very affordable, only setting you back a few dollars per month, and the reason for its low fees is simply that you will share the server with a number of other websites. A couple of things that are good to look up in advance is if you will get enough, disk space, bandwidth, if a user-friendly control panel is included and if their uptime is satisfying. This type of hosting is good for all of you with a private website or if you are running a small online website.

Dedicated Servers – La crème de la crème

If you are looking for hosting that is suitable for a major online website you will have found your match in dedicated servers, aka dedicated web hosting. As its name gives away, you will have a server that is working solely for you and your website. This equals quality, security and a stable website. As the server is stored within the premises of the web host you will not have to bother with any maintenance or giving up any physical space for storing it. Remember that dedicated hosting comes in two different forms: managed and unmanaged. Unmanaged dedicated hosting is the pick for you with a lot of techy experience and want to be in total control; otherwise pick managed dedicated web hosting.

VPS Hosting – Something In-Between

Many people are looking for a web hosting alternative that lays somewhere in-between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. A majority of these people end with a virtual private server, VPS hosting. This type of hosting is great in the way that it splits one single server into multiple virtual servers, making it stronger and more customizable than shared hosting. Many medium-sized businesses use this form of web hosting for their websites.

Cloud Computing – Adaptive Hosting

This is perhaps the trendiest alternative in the web hosting industry at the moment. What really makes cloud computing stand out is in the way that it is elastic. Your website will be backed up by as much hosting as it requires. As a consumer you only have to pay for the amount of web hosting that you have been using, meaning that your bills be higher some months and lower others. It is very easy to use as well; the service is entirely managed by the provider.

Green Hosting – Eco-Friendly

If you want to do something for the environment you should start looking for green hosting for your website. What web hosts offering green hosting do is either purchasing carbon offsets or uses eco-friendly and energy efficient servers. Green hosting is almost exclusively shared hosting which means that it is good for individuals as well as small businesses.

For additional information, drop a comment, a question and we will be happy to help you. Or, you can check the Web Hosting Search site for in-depth information and resources. Cheers!

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    An Introduction to Web Hosting

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    An Introduction to Web Hosting

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