Quartz Icon Pack

I’m really glad to announce my first icon pack: Quartz. Promoted with the help of Smashing Magazine, Quartz is an icon set that contains 90 simple and stylish icons.


Dedicated to the blogoshpere, Quartz Icon Pack has numerous types of icons: files, folders, charts, books, boxes, social networking sites, email etc. All icons are free to use for personal and commercial projects. Here is a preview of the entire pack.


Please feel free to send me samples of your work where you used Quartz. Also, if you like the pack, please follow my Twitter account:
I hope this will be helpful in your projects. Cheers!

PS: Make sure to check my new free icon set, containing more than 160 icons 32×32 pixels.

36 ideas on “Quartz Icon Pack

  1. mlane

    Quartz Icon Pack – http://bit.ly/2YRmC7

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  2. Fetching Icons

    These icons would do wonders for adding a nice touch to any website or blog.

    • Andy Gongea


  3. alexhartan

    New, juicy, free icon pack: Quartz – http://su.pr/1lxoRb
    Grab them while they’re hot.

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  4. blellow

    Gorgeous Quartz Icon Pack, free for use on commercial + personal projects http://budurl.com/zcj3 by @andygongea

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  5. Ryan Miglavs

    This is a really lovely icon pack. I appreciate you releasing this, and I’m glad to know about you as a resource.

    Keep up the good work, friend.


    • Andy Gongea

      Thank you Ryan, I’m glad you like it.

  6. Duma

    Nice pack, but cant download or follow you on twitter for some reason, I would like to try it out..

  7. free vector

    beautiful icons! Thank you so much.

  8. Jeremy Hunter

    Thanks for your time and effort for creating this stunning icon set

    • Andy Gongea

      I’m glad you like it.

  9. daredanger

    can i use some of these icons in theme/template that i want to sell in sites like themeforest.net

    • Andy Gongea

      Yeap, as long as you don’t say the pack is yours or sell the entire pack as a product. Otherwise you can use the icons in commercial themes. Good luck

      • daredanger

        thanks for replying

      • iPad

        Well my friend a lot of themeforest themes are using your icons, SmashingMag released it free for commercial use not to be resold (like in graphicriver) but you can include it in a theme.

        You should contact SmashingMag to clarify this – I know this work is yours – but I pressume that we can use it :P

  10. Min Thu

    Thanks for sharing. They are absolutely useful icons.

  11. wow

    wow great set! THANKS a lot! ur site has just been bookmarked for daily visit ;)

  12. OpenNetDesign

    Sweet ‘Quartz’ iconset for your designs from Andy Gongea – thanks Andy! http://bit.ly/4nRNJM

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  13. deq

    One thing is missing in this pack is notification icons (error, warning, success icon) without the envelope.. Anyway thanks for sharing this awesome icon pack.

  14. webtoolman

    Quartz Icon – חבילה של 90 אייקונים איכותיים להורדה http://bit.ly/19sTpl

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  15. anouerH

    Quartz Icon Pack http://bit.ly/aiF2Z

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  16. andygongea

    I’ve just passed the 500 downloads mark for Quartz Icon Pack on Graphic Rating – http://su.pr/1lxoRb – Thanks to all.

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  17. Jack

    Fantastic icons! The best I have found for free. I read we can use these for commercial sites but would love to just check.

    I have a web hosting site and would like to know if I can use these on it? (I will not ever sell this website)


  18. Rahul - Web Guru

    Needless to say… Crystal clear icon pack. Thanks a ton for the share.

    Downloaded !!!

  19. Vovo Poopiers

    many thanks for sharing =)

  20. rakhmat suwandi

    Terima Kasih bos…

  21. bee

    Thank you for this icon pack! I’ll use the clipboard :)

  22. Ermil Voznesenskiy

    That’s fully a compilation of icons. I will have to bookmark this icons for upcoming suggestion. It’s good of you to do them available.

    • amit payasi

      Great collection. I will use some of your attractive icons.

  23. Rodrigo

    Hi! I’m software/web developer, and included your link at my site. Excelent icon pack. Thanks for share!

  24. bogdan

    Iconitele sunt superbe ! Felicitari si in acelasi timp mii de multumiri !

  25. Suzvenus

    I like them!! These icons are all lovely!

  26. thethe

    Great icons, thanks a lot!

  27. inspirationfeed

    Top notch quality!

  28. Buhh

    Thanks a lot for these Icons!