New Mozilla Addons Site is Great

Mozilla has been a cool company for some time now. And its main product, Firefox, is one of the best open source application out there. In this review I will cover the revamped Mozilla Addons site.


Being a base for numerous items, categorized by different criteria, Mozilla Addons site has always had some drawbacks when it comes to user interface and user experience. But, let’s leave the past and analyze the present.

Findability [rating:4.5]

One of the things that I like at the new version of this site is how easy it is to find what you want. You have the main sidebar which shows the main categories along with the number of addons for each category. Also you can narrow further your results with the help of a search box and its advanced searching options. With these options I’m sure you will find everything you want … of course, it has to be developed first.

User Interface [rating:4.5]

The redesign follows the same pattern that other Mozilla sections have. Since Mozilla’s activity domain is web – it is natural for the main color to be blue. The great thing is that this new design has a “fresh air” and it still looks like it is a part of the Mozilla sites. The elements are not crowded and the icons have a perfect size in order to balance the layouts.

Social Features [rating:3]

A great thing that I noticed with this redesign are some social features. One of them is the ability to create collections and to subscribe to them. Some interesting collections are already on the site: Web Developer’s Toolbox or Reference Desk. This feature is very important for newbies with no knowledge in Firefox addons.

Site Performance [rating:2]

The main drawback on this site remains the speed. I know that the site is visited and generates heavy traffic daily, but I also know that Mozilla should improve the speed of the site. This is the major drawback in their user experience, because having a slow site means fewer downloads. So, please Mozilla, FIX THIS PROBLEM.

Overall [rating:4]

From the visual perspective, which somehow is the subject of this post, I’m very pleased with the redesign. Clean and catchy, this revamped Mozilla Addons site will satisfy all users’ needs – except the need for speed. A great redesign overall.


3 ideas on “New Mozilla Addons Site is Great

  1. Mauro

    I totally agree with you on the new look and feel, it is kind of “fresh” as you mentioned :)

    Good article! keep up the good work

  2. Lisa

    Truly the site looks great with a user friendly interface.

  3. Sunny Singh

    I have not had a problem with speed, and since the site is made for those who already have Firefox, speed should not be a problem.

    Nonetheless, great article and I agree with the redesign being a lot friendlier and refreshed.