Web Design Inspiration: 2010 Ford Fusion

Great Perspective. What I like most is that all motions and dynamics are suitable for this type of site and for the auto industry. The new Ford Hybrid represents this new wave in cars technology and the same new wave had to be pictured in the site. Well, I must say that the site looks very clean, fresh and with the help of visual interactions and perspective, the designers made a perfect composition for an auto site.


Simple and effective. Different sections of the website are sustained not only by creative 3d animations but also from graphic elements and strong colors. Another thing that I like is how the information is structured and displayed. You will not see tons of details on this site, instead you will see dedicated sections and lot of space – which is a good thing.


Conclusion. Overall, I’m very impressed by this site and I really recommend it as an inspiration source for dynamic websites. Even the 3d animators can learn some tricks from this site. All they have to do is check some of the 3d animations.


2010 Ford Fusion and Fusion Hybrid

Technology: Adobe Flash
Characteristics: Dynamic, Clean, Great User Experience, Perspective

2 ideas on “Web Design Inspiration: 2010 Ford Fusion

  1. BMX wallpaper

    I agree with you, it is an awesome website!
    the design is completely superb!
    thank you for sharing

  2. Harshal Sawant

    This is really very nice web design. I like it’s color combination very much.