An Interview with Michael Leigeber

First, I want to tell you that I forgot to get a picture with Michael. But, let’s not waste any more space and time and get right to the subject.

1. We will start with basic information. Please tell us your background, details from the early days of Michael Leigeber.
I always had a knack for technology and started really getting into the Internet around 2000 when I built my first website. I started doing some freelance design work around 2001 and have been with a number of tech companies both large and small and even a couple startups since. I have done design and development work for mom and pops, multi-billion dollar corporations, and many in between.

2. For now let’s skip the development side. Tell us about your hobbies outside of the office.
When I am not developing, which isn’t as often as I would like, I enjoy spending time at the gym, a game of tennis, winter sports, and weekend projects around the house.

3. Who is Michael Leigeber now? … the web developer.
I am still trying to identify who I want to be in this industry. I have a wide range of technical skills. I currently spend a couple days a week providing onsite hardware and software support to a client and the rest doing web design, custom application development, SharePoint development, and occasional marketing material design.

4. Many of your scripts are used on many sites and are easy to implement by Javascript newbies. What is the general feedback from community?
I have gotten quite a bit of positive feedback. My blog reaches around 100,000 unique visitors monthly so I get a lot of emails. Unfortunately I cannot answer all of them, especially those looking for free services and support. I do get many requests for better documentation which will be coming soon.

5. Speaking of scripts, what is the most popular Javascript example from your site?
The slideshow continues to bring in the most traffic each month. A close second would be the dropdown menu.

6. Have you ever wanted to create your own Javascript library? I’m asking you this because you have great examples that can be wrapped into a Javascript library.
I get asked that quite a bit and am currently working on a library of sorts. It is not nearly as comprehensive as the top current libraries but is lightweight and facilitates quite a few common DOM interactions. It will be an everlasting work in progress. It primarily is being created to serve as a basis for many of the scripts I will be offering at Scriptiny, a new site that will be the repository of my scripts.

7. The readers of are very anxious for new content. What do you have for them in the near future?
I have a lot of really great things planned. Each of my current scripts all will continue to see updates as time allows. I hope to open up time to really develop my Scriptiny library that I plan to launch soon. One script that is almost ready for release is TinyBox which is similar to Lightbox with a few interesting variations. I am also developing TinyScroll, TinySlide, and an update to TinyTable.

8. Now I will ask you a few short questions. Favorite web browser?
Firefox for development along with the Web Developer and Firebug addons.

9. Favorite Javascript library?
jQuery. They have done a great job at keeping things fast and relatively lightweight.

10. Favorite web development book?
Doing a lot of object oriented programming I am a big fan of Code Complete, which is a staple in many developer’s bookcases.

11. Mac or PC?
PC, although I do try and keep a Mac handy for testing.

12. Plans for the future…
I have a couple web applications in the works I am very excited about. I have also begun work on a blog redesign and of course Scriptiny, which will also include a support forum. I will be shifting my personal blog away from posting only scripts and begin publishing a wide range of development related articles. I would also love to do some training and speaking engagements in the future.

13. Thank you and good luck on your projects.
Thanks Andy, I appreciate you taking the time to dig into my world.

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