An Interview with Guillermo Rauch

Recently, I had the pleasure to chat with a talented web developer. Actually, extremely talented considering the fact that he is just 18 years old – Guillermo Rauch. His name is familiar in the JavaScript and WordPress area because of his scripts and plugins. Please join me to find out future and current plans from the man behind

1. We will start with basic information. Please tell us your background, details from the early days of Guillermo Rauch.

guillermo-rauchI’m an 18-year-old guy based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’ve been seriously into computers for the last 8 years of my life at least. I decided what I’d be doing for the rest of my life when I successfully installed and configured my first GNU/Linux distribution, and compiled my first C program.

2. For know let’s skip the web design and development side. Tell us about your hobbies outside of the office.

I enjoy reading articles on a wide range of topics from medicine to engineering or history. I think every little piece of knowledge you acquire, no matter how diverse the topic, can help you in your everyday professional life. Aside from that, I enjoy going to the gym, running and watching Anime (:

3. Who is Guillermo Rauch now? … the web designer/developer.

Right now I’m consolidating my experience as a JavaScript and PHP ninja. I’m exploring other horizons such as Mac desktop application programming.

4. There are some projects of yours quite known in the web design/development zone. Can you describe the most important and popular?

I’m the author of WP-o-Matic, one of the biggest and most popular WordPress plugins. I’m close to releasing a groundbreaking new version that completely turns it into a subsystem of its own within WordPress.
In the JavaScript field, I’m well-known for some of my plugins, including the famous Fancy Menu (now known as MorphList), and the Facebook tokenizer clone TextboxList.
These projects have gotten over 4000 comments in my blog, and hundreds of pingbacks from all over the web (I hear they are big in Japan).

5. Speaking of projects, when can we expect another great WordPress or Mootools plugin?

Absolutely. I have a secret WordPress project which will see light in the next few months, and right now I’m working on several MooTools/jQuery plugins to release. I have set a new goal which is trying to bring my creations to the widest possible audience, which means releasing code for many JavaScript libraries, and porting plugins from WordPress to other famous Open Source CMS projects, like Drupal.

6. You’ve recently revamped your website – DevThought -, and you did a terrific job. Can you detail on this a little more.

Well, after almost 3 years with a borrowed and modified theme, I decided I’d come up with a new layout and platform for a better user experience. I revamped the WordPress comment system from the grounds up so that people can exchange comments and opinions more easily.
From the design perspective, the reception was great. I was featured in several CSS galleries and showcases, and linked from everywhere. I also got a very motivating feedback from respectable colleagues and fellow developers.


7. Tell us your thoughts and perception on Twitter?

I think it’s the perfect communication tool that is less serious than a blog, but at the same time not as personal as, for example, a Facebook profile. I think it has an enormous potential to make feed readers obsolete… I just stopped using one and started following my favorite developers and websites Twitter accounts. In this respect, I hope Twitter never gets too personal or private, because it’d lose its charm.

8. Now I will ask you a few short questions. Favorite web site design?

Web Designer Wall

9. Favorite web browser?

Safari 4. Favorite engine would be Webkit.

10. Favorite designer?

Jason Santa Maria

11. Favorite CSS book?

Designing with Web Standards, by Jeffrey Zeldman was quite inspiring.

12. Mac or PC?


13. Plans for the future…

Keep working hard towards innovation.

14. Thank you for your time and good luck on your projects.

Thank you!

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  1. Jenifer

    Really talented . He is an inspiration to others. Best wishes from Jenifer.

  2. Farouq Oyebiyi

    U rock man! good luck