3 Samples of Good Online User Experience

ux1I really like innovation and great solutions against problems regarding user interface and user experience. Throughout this post I want to highlight some on the most interesting and useful features that help the user to complete a certain task easier and in a pleasant way. These are samples of good user experience and the medium will be the web, although there are some desktop apps and games that can be the also pawns for this topic.

Shelfari – Bookshelf

A good and important site dedicated to books is Shelfari. The thing that sets this site apart is one aspect of the user experience that is quite innovative. On Shelfari you can easily navigate the most important, high-rated or most reviewed books using a dynamic component that has the look of a shelf. The idea is great because it uses the basic storage way for books – shelf. Also in this way the site boosts its branding process by embedding a visual element next to the brand’s name. A very clever move and a well implemented solution for a great user experience.


Apple Search Autocomplete

It is clear that autocomplete has made our lives a lot easier. And here I’m not just talking about Google Suggestions, I’m also talking about the autocomplete embedded in the browsers’ address bars or the autocomple from code editors. But in this category, a great implementation of this feature can be tested on Apple.com. Their search has a good approach and it combines the search results with intuitive images that help the user identify quickly the content. This is a real user experience masterpiece that should be adopted by many players.


Vimeo – Video Player

Vimeo is one of the many video sites out there that are visited daily and even if now Vimeo is doing not so great, it still has something to show. The thing that I really like at Vimeo and has a great impact on the user experience is their video player. The main feature that this player has is that it overlays the controls on top of the movie. You will say that this is nothing special. The special part is that the controls disappear after several seconds and they reappear when you move the mouse. In this way you will have a bigger screen resolution and the controls will not interfere with your visual experience. You can check this feature on the video below.

FUN from Rob Patchett on Vimeo.


These are 3 samples of good online user experience that I like. I really enjoy the innovative approach and the solutions for different problems in these situations. So, start thinking and analyze your possible problems. Only when you know your drawbacks you will know how to create features. Cheers!

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