WordPress 2.7 "Coltrane" – New Features

wordpressYes, it is here! The latest version of the WordPress platform – Wodpress 2.7 “Coltrane” is available for download. This is by far the most impressive version of WordPress ever. So, buckle up and let’s drive through these awesome new features that WordPress 2.7 has.

New Interface

The new interface from WordPress is completely revamped and it has numerous features. You will notice that now the visual side of the interface has changed: both from positioning and design. You are now able to move and customize the way sections are displayed and also their position. You can close them or minimize them in order to take less space.

The redesigned interface has a much more intuitive approach. Now you have the main sections displayed in a vertical menu in the right side and a main area where all the content is displayed. Every section from the vertical menu has customizable content, so it is easy to say that the new interface is made for everyone.

I really like the new Plugins section. It is one of the many good ideas implemented in Coltrane. In this new interface it is easy to install and search new plugins because you will do that within the blog and not on WordPress.org. Also another cool feature is the possibility to export your comments and articles to many other blog platforms. It is a very handy feature although I don’t think I will switch my WordPress with anything else.

The next feature is somehow a reason for joy and at the same time for sadness. It is the Automatic Upgrade. Of course I’m happy for this feature, but at the same time I realize that WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin will loose its importance and celebrity. Kudos for this awesome feature and that awesome and helpful plugin.

… and a Request

So, we do have multiple options in the new WordPress, but I would really like a feature that I think will bring WordPress more closely to the developers community. And that request is the syntax highlighter inside the plugins and themes editor. This will make the user forget about 3rd party editors and it will provide the best environment for a blogger.


Thanks guys for this awesome platform. Hopefully you as developers are happy with us as users, because we sure are happy having great developers boosting our favorite platform – WordPress. Thank you Matt! I hope it makes sense.

User Experience [rating:5]
User Interface [rating:5]
Design [rating:4.8]
Graphic [rating:4.93]

3 ideas on “WordPress 2.7 "Coltrane" – New Features

  1. Andy

    If you made the above WP Review video, would you mind sharing information in regards to how you made it. Tools and process? Thanks

    • Andy Gongea

      It was made by the guys behind WordPress. I can only guide you and tell you some of possible tools and also one of the most used.

      Adobe After Effects
      Adobe Premiere

      You can find tutorials online on how to cut, build and also add effects to a movie. Good luck

  2. NBurman

    I wish I had heard about this from WordPress themselves, but I’m glad you posted this here – thanks!