The Importance of Blog Posts Title

I know that for many of you this is not an interesting topic although it should. It should because the perception of the title is the first interaction between your visitor and your content. So, a wiser thing is to pay attention to every detail regarding the post title.

1. Describe the content

The main feature of a title is that it should reflect the content. In a way or another, the title should capture the essential from all content. So, you should always summarize the article in one best line which is the title.

2. Attract the reader

While describing the content is an important fact, making the user read the blog post from one single line is somehow pure art. It isn’t just about typing some words and the readers will follow. The title should be catchy. That’s because you want to make not only your target audience, but as many readers as you can, to follow and read your blog posts.

3. Use of common words

In order to enlarge your potential audience, you will have to lower the requirements. While reading is a characteristic for 100% of your audience, easy understanding is not. So you will have to create the title for your content using common and most used words.

4. Must stand out

This part is related more to our main target – design. Regarding the visual side, a title must stand out and reach for the reader. It has to be accessible and easy to find without additional actions like search. As long as it is easy to see and it is well emphasized by the user interface, an article will have more chances to be digested by the reader.

5. Appropriate length

Size does matter. And opposite to some other domains, long is not good. A proper length measured in words would be at around 12-14 words maximum. But another key factor for the length of the title is the width of the page. In this case the writer should analyze all the factors and decide upon a proper length of the title.

6. Same rules for subtitles

Subtitles must follow the same rules. They should be easy to read, short, catchy, easy to follow and sometimes connected.


From my point of view these are the main topics that you should analyze before you decide to set-up an blog post title. There are others as well, like one important – Search Engine Optimization, but those were not in today’s topic. This article was just from the user perception perspective and hopefully it was helpful for you as it is for me. Cheers!

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