Slick homepage for Bloglines

I know that this is difficult to believe but it is true. Blogliness, that pretty nice service for blogs from IAC with a really old interface has now a new skin. This one is more refined and also it looks more professional, more like 2008 instead of 2002. So let’s take a look and review the new homepage form Bloglines and see the pros and cons.

New Logo

The logo has been the first revamped element from the new design. It has a new color, a stronger color, as well as bigger font size. Also the dotted line bellow the text was dropped and now the new logo has a lot more space and it looks modern.

New User Interface

As I was saying, now Bloglines looks like a different website. All the graphics are modern, well executed and not too heavy. The color scheme is one of the things that caught my attention. It has strong colors but those colors are used in a very interesting and clean way. All colors are distributed in the proper amount so that the layout is perfectly balanced.

The section dedicated for the account creation is very well emphasized and delivers a good user experience to the visitor. An additional section on the first page is the features section. Here the user can see some of Blogliness features which are displayed in a modern interactive panel.

There are two things that I don’t like in the new design, but consider this as small visual drawbacks. The first is that in the header, the Find Articles button looks like it was exported in a wrong way. The image has a strange border that I don’t think is part of the design. The second thing that I don’t like is the lack of typography in the Press section. The text looks like it was just dropped there without any styling.


As an overall idea – the site looks good. It is way too good compared to the previous one and it good compared to other designs. So from my point of view, even with those two glitches, Bloglines has a slick new design.

User Interface [rating:4.5]
User Experience [rating:4.5]
Design [rating:5]
Graphic [rating:4.67]

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