Killer features for Google Analytics

Several weeks ago, I wrote about the small redesign activity at Google Analytics. There were good changes meant to emphasize the user experience. Now, it looks like not only the visual side was altered, but also some features were added.

For those of you, owners of a Google Analytics account, I will have to say that these new features are the best thing an advanced user can ask for.

Custom Reports
To have your custom reports is like having your own analytics application custom made for you. You can choose what type of information to embed in the report. And the good thing is that this action is quick and just few clicks away. The reports will have two types of information: metrics and dimensions. With these, the user will be able to customize and set-up a custom report based on his needs.

Advanced Segments
This new category is something more like filters, only easier to use. For example, in order to have a better perspective regarding Graphic Rating’s traffic, I’ve created a new segment in order to exclude my clicks. The way to do that is to create and advanced segment and to exclude the town you live in.

Landing Page
Now the landing page is more like a minimal dashboard. So instead of showing just the name of your site, now the user has useful information regarding Average Time on Site, Visits, Bounce Rate or Completed Goals.

Overall great enterprise features. As you know I’m not a Google fan, but thank you Google for this awesome analytic service!!! For more information you can check Google’s Analytics Blog.


Features [rating:5]
User Experience [rating:5]
Graphic [rating:5]

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