Today's Big Thing is a big thing

I know that lately the site wasn’t too productive, and that was because of some extra work. Anyway, with work comes also fun, and the fun part is a great site for recreation – Today’s big thing.

First of all, this site is hilarious. I mean, when you have hard times or problems, this is the place to go. It will make you feel better. It has 5 categories with great entertaining content: Entertainment, Sports, Technology, Music, Funny Videos.

The second thing is that it really looks good. The user interface has such a simple construction, that is suitable for anybody. Simple video playback with nice navigation and easy accessible archive is what is representative for this user interface. I like also the fact that each category has a color. It is nice and it gives a vibe of freshness to the site.

I really enjoy the site and you should check it too.

User Interface [rating:4.5]
User Experience [rating:4.5]
Design [rating:4.5]
Graphic [rating:4.5]

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