Main feature for new Yahoo design: SPACE

As you know, Yahoo! will roll soon the new design to all users. For now it is tested by some of them and today I had a chance to play with it. So let’s take a look.

One of the small yet major changes to the new design is the logo. The logo now has a new indigo color instead of that red color. I think it is a good move although the old red logo is a little bit part of the web history.

The difference between the old layout and the new one is pretty significant. And not only the layout, the design is quite radical as well as the colors. These new colors are a great match for the new logo but they are not far from Yahoo!’s color palette.

In this new user interface, the left menu section is slightly different. Now, in this, there are only the most used features for most of the users: mail, stock, horoscope, weather, movies and local events. But, don’t worry, the rest of the sections are well displayed in the right side of the site. Regarding the content from the user interface, the center is still dedicated to the news. A good thing, because is good to change, but just few changes are digested well.

A great feature for this new layout is spacing. Compared to the actual design, the new layout has much more space, bigger fonts and has a even cleaner interface. The sections of the site are well structured and the site looks well welded.

Hopefully it will bring traffic to Yahoo!, money and a better share stock price. Cheers!

User Interface [rating:4]
User Experience [rating:5]
Design [rating:4]
Graphic [rating:4.33]

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