Google Analytics polished with gradients

One of the best products from Google that I like and use daily, beside search, is Google Analytics. This is a service useful for websites in order to see the traffic, keywords, browsers etc. Graphic Rating is using this awesome tool for the analytics due to its features and also because it has the best price on the market: FREE.

In this morning, I had a nice surprise while verifying my analytics account: redesign. We are not talking about big redesign, because Google had one recently. This stage was something like polishing the interface and making the user experience more pleasant through design.

The first thing that I noticed was the smooth gradient placed as a background for the whole page. The effect is nice and is completed also by two wrappers placed on the main sections of the site: sidebar and content area. Two wrappers with rounded corners, also a highlight for the export and email toolbar and the gradient were the changes that were promoted today on the site.

Overall the change is OK, I really like it and I’m glad that even the interface was good, Google wants to make it better. Kudos and keep up the good work.

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