Sick and tired of the same content

I don’t know how you feel about this, but lately the creativity side on the web is in idle mode. Everywhere I turn, everywhere I look, the same thing happens. There is no diversity, only the copy/paste activity.

My first target is the text content. And by that I mean, all the blogs out there, that have the same passion for the exact same content. Sometimes, it is quite ridiculous, when you see the same content on 3 blogs in one or two consecutive days. And what is even the worst, is that most of the time, the content has no additional information compared with the same topic from another blog. C’mon, the best part in the press world is the way you track your information, the research. And the goals are to have a good content first and then to have additional information compared to your competitor.

These days, when a new product is launched, the blogs are happy with showcasing the standard features, without digging more. The same thing goes for the design area. Everyday we see nothing but WordPress themes, free or premium. Don’t get me wrong – WordPress is my favorite, but I feel like the lack of inspiration is the same for the writers as for the designers.

In the same area we can find the N posts. N posts are those articles full of a list of items from the same area. I will give you an example from this blog: Web designer’s arsenal – 15 Firefox Extensions. I know that these articles are easy to write and the research is minimal. That is why the web is so full of these articles. Everyone has several N posts on their blog.

This is one of my concerns. People are not trying to research for a niche market. They enter a stable market and through copy/paste they will get some traffic, and in the end some advertising. But in the end, the only one with losses in this battle is the visitor.

So, I think that a little research is good in every creative domain. You just have to look for a good original topic that will bring you many visitors. Cheers!

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