Compete is far from accurate

As you know, the websites traffic analysis market is a very dynamic one. And so far, we only have 3 major competitors in the worldwide section. And those 3 competitors are Alexa, Quantcast and Compete. Alexa had an old system based on its toolbar, not accurate. Also, I don’t know much about Quantcast, but I will share my experience with Compete. gathers data from 2.000.000 people from US, and based on users behavior, the Compete chart is made. Text sample from Compete site, says that those 2 mil persons are the biggest pool of consumers behavior for a analytics site. I can’t disagree on this fact because I don’t know numbers from the competitors.

The thing that I really know are the stats from my analytics provider – Google Analytics. Those stats are not compatible with the consumers behavior from Compete. I don’t expect that the data should be the same and a small difference should exist. Only the difference between on Compete, and on Google Analytics is quite big.

It is known that Graphic Rating is not a big site, but we are growing quickly. We are also quite young – 5 months. And in this time the site had its ups and downs. The ups are quite common and at the beginning we had in the 2nd and 3rd month growth of over 100%. In the 4th month we had lower traffic with -15% but with a nice gain in the September of 30%. So in numbers we had in the 1st – 365 unique visitors, 2nd – 803 unique visitors, 3rd – 1,617 unique visitors, 4th – 1,368 unique visitors and in the last month 5th – 1,773 unique visitors.

By comparison, my last month, September was reported on Compete with 643 unique visitors. So, compared to 1,773, from my point of view Compete is not competitive. I admit that also the Google Analytics has issues with some reporting but it is minor compared to Compete’s pool of consumer behavior.

So, choose a self hosted solution like Awstats, or something that will be more accurate, than this type of measurement, because as I said in the title, Compete is far from accurate. Cheers!

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