And the winner is … Transformers

Several months ago, I’ve wrote an article, a comparison between Transformers and Iron Man. I like both movies and so I wanted to see who will win most money at the end of their cinema life. My bet was on Michael Bay’s Transformers, because from my point of view it was more fun, engaging and better produced at the same time.

Both productions had similar budgets: $140 mil for Iron Man and $150 mil for Transformers. But a big difference was that coordinating Iron Man was John Favreau, and talking to Optimus and the gang was Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg. And when you look at the last two’s portfolio, you can see why Transformers is a better movie.

The nicest part is that we will make another battle, between Transformers 2 (2009) and Iron Man 2 (2010). So stay tuned and here are the final grosses.

The final score is:
Transformers: $708 mil;
Iron Man: $572 mil;

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