Facebook – simple to perfect interface design

Well, I know that this is hard to imagine, but I do have a Facebook account. It is not the most active account, actually you can say that it is one of the most unused Facebook accounts ever. But from time to time I tend to check it. Today was that time.

I will start this post backwards. That means that I will say Kudos now. Kudos! Facebook is the perfect example that global can be also nice and functional instead of messy and crowded. Facebook is the perfect proof where the design team has the same importance as the developers.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against developers. It is just that most of the time, the design process doesn’t have the same priority as the development one. And it should, because with the help of the designers, developers’ work will be better highlighted.

In this case the design results are awesome. Facebook is clean and simple. It has plenty of features that are well embedded in the design, so the interface would look catchy yet simple. The sidebar is also one of the best optimized sidebars I’ve seen. Every single component in the Facebook UI is well connected with the rest of the site. Even the chat module, looks way much better than standalone instant messaging applications.

It is easy to say which is the best looking social networking site around. That is because big social communities like MySpace or Hi5 have a very ugly interface with poor user experience. In the opposite side Facebook gives lessons about user experience and user interface. I want to say congratulations to all designers from Facebook and keep up the excellent work.

User Interface [rating:5]
User Experience [rating:5]
Clean/Simple Design [rating:5]
Graphic [rating:5]

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