ZoomInfo – companies and people in a new skin

Yesterday, when I was researching for the Excite post, I visited a great site regarding companies and people information. A good site that I often use when I want to find out things about a company, its competitors or revenue. This site is ZoomInfo.

Once there, I realized that the site was different. A redesign session was to blame for the new look. So, together we will analyze and see what are the pros and cons of this new look.

It is good to see the world wide movement regarding business image. And ZoomInfo is an important site with valuable information. From the design perspective, I want to say that the site looks … OK, with minor or major glitches. I like the fact that the site is quite simple and simple is good. But it takes more than that to pass to the great level, a great level that ZoomInfo will never achieve. The color scheme is good and the fact that are not many graphic elements is also a positive thing. And that’s all about the good side. Moving along!

At this section I have several things to say. First of all, I’m not among the 44 mil persons listed there – shame on them!
A general bad feeling is that although the site looks clean, unpolished elements are here to mess with the design. For example the two tabs in the first page were not exported properly and the corners are white on light gray background.

Another thing that I do not approve is the fact that multiple links are placed in the bottom side of the page. I know that those are for SEO purposes, but the designer could’ve made some kind of arrangement and a different color for that section to look more integrated. Also, the contrast between some elements is higher in some regions and nonexistent in others.

Overall the change was needed but the final result was not so spectacular.

User Interface [rating:3]
User Experience [rating:3]
Redesign [rating:2]
Graphic [rating:2.67]

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