Adobe Creative Suite 4 – First Impression

Just moments ago the Adobe Creative Suite 4 launch has ended. And not many, but engough things were presented to this event.

First of all, the communication between programs is more powerful compared to CS3. Now we can talk of design files exported for Flash from Photoshop, and Flash can recognize symbols withing those files. And this is not the only example. All apps can switch better visual elements.

Dreamweaver. In the presentation, I saw the wonderful feature of visualizing the developed web app through an embedded webkit module. In this case the user can stay and work without having to switch to the browsers to check the changes. The interface is much better as well as the Ajax framework.

Photoshop. This application is the flagship product and for that a lot of attention will be headed to its features. Regarding features, a nice one is the 3D module inside the application. Now things like 3D painting are easy to achieve. And with this move, Photoshop is heading Adobe towards the 3D industry. Scalability is another feature – now you can easily manipulate large files without wondering about speed problems.

But the most anticipated and important feature is the new resizing module that Adobe has. Using this module the user can resize images without loosing important information and without having to retouch some regions.

Flash. In this case we ca also talk of 3D environment. The user can easily manipulate elements in 3D space. Also the Inverse Kinematics module will make designers happier. For those of you without Flash experience (I am one of those), the visual maniputation and user interface is more familiar.

Illustrator. The nicest thing I saw at this app was the fact that you can draw your canvases into the same workspace. How cool is that?! Also a new tool will allow the graphic designers to easily create graphic elements with paths without using the stencil tool.

This was the main event with its topics. For more powerful techniques and features we will have to check the apps. Great realease and looking forward to test those apps and get familiar with the new features. Kudos!

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