Twitter redesign is not impressive

Twitter is maybe one of the most impressive company today. Not because it has a useful set of features, but because the media seems to care and write about everything related to Twitter. I remember that last year Michael Arrington had a crush on Twitter crashes.

Few days ago, a new Twitter design was unveiled to public eyes. I could say that it was more like a retouching session rather than redesign. That is because beside a right side menu and some placement arrangements, nothing was changed. Oh, sorry … now the Twitter interface has rounded corners. I guess that IE6 is not supported since the rounded corners are not available and the top menu is misplaced.

I honestly believe that the old interface was OK. For typing short messages and to view your followers it was quite decent. But sometimes a PR stunt is good for everybody … even for a “hot” service like Twitter.

So, this is the great redesign from Twitter.

Innovation [rating:1]
Layout [rating:3]
Design [rating:2]
Graphic [rating:2]

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