Message for Apple: I'AM A PC

There are many people against the latest Microsoft advertising campaign. I don’t know why, maybe because it is evaluated at around $300 mil. And for this amount of money, people want something extraordinary. But still I can’t justify people’s reaction.

Regarding the campaign, it seems like the next phase was a similar move as the Mojave experiment. But only this time the project was machine oriented and not operating system. It all starts with the tag line: I’AM A PC. And based on this line, these new ads are trying to connect people from all around the world.

I was impressed by the diversity and at the same time familiar faces that are in the commercials. All persons featured in these ads have different backgrounds but share a similar passion for PC. In this initiative I will follow Microsoft and I will also say that: I’AM A PC.

And it doesn’t have to be Apple made to be a designer or web developer. I can design using Windows and a whole range of Windows based software applications. I like PC, I enjoy PC … I’AM A PC.

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