Please Save The Developers!

This is a campaign against the old and featureless Microsoft Internet Explorer 6. That is because whenever a developer, designer …person decides to create a web related product, the first roadblock is IE6. is one of those sites that is against using IE6. No more hacks, no more wasted time and more productivity a developer will get if he will ignore IE6 in the development process.

The nice thing about this site is that it really is a success story. Many developers were enchanted by this initiative and they supported the idea. You can do the same by placing a link or implementing a javascript in your site that will check if the browser is IE6 or better.

Kudos for this idea and the support for modern browsers. If you happen to be one of the IE6 users, please consider alternatives like: Opera, Firefox, IE7, Safari or the new Chrome. Cheers!

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