Wall Street Journal Online has new clothes

The Wall Street Journal, online version, one of the most important financial news site has a new look. After years when the only thing important was the content, now WSJ.com decided that any good content needs good presentation.

Well, from the beginning I want to tell you that I really like the new design. And it is also noticeable a boost in speed for Wall Street Journal Online beside the look.

The thing that I like the most in this new appearance, is that the designers highlighted the content and not the ads. It is annoying these days when you read websites and the designs are burden with heavy graphics from the commercial ads. That is not the case in this design, because the ad spots are not even together as a big block, instead there are several areas, small areas for this purpose.

Changing from blue/white color scheme to gray/white was a big win. Now the site has more contrast and can support better the content. Also the new design helps the user to stay focus on the article which is a good thing. There are other features like new improved video player, Ajax based controllers, the “Newsreel” component and many more.

Another thing that I see and is very important is placing the comments related to an article in a separate section. In this case the user can only see the article and if he clicks on the comments tab, he can visualize the comments. So, the time response is faster and the user experience better.

Overall I think this a true redesign. Kudos for all team members behind this move and I invite you to test the new WSJ.com

Layout [rating:4.5]
User Experience [rating:4.5]
Design [rating:4.5]
Graphic [rating:4.5]

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