Is "Free" the new trend at Microsoft?

Back in February 2008, Microsoft bought the maker of TrueSpace 3D, Caligari Corporation. This move was made so that Virtual Earth team would have resources for 3d environments. A good move I think, because TrueSpace at that time was a good and competitive product. It is true that it didn’t had a good marketing campaign, but the program had features and strong capabilities to help Microsoft Virtual Earth.

It seems like a couple of weeks ago, based on Microsoft solid financial situation, the last version of TrueSpace 3D – 7.6 -, was released for free. Along with the application, the PDF files and also video tutorials were posted as free. Smart choice for Microsoft, which hopes to gain new users, that in the future will contribute to Virtual Earth 3D environments.

The purchase was a similar move as Google’s Sketchup aquisition, but compared to TrueSpace, Sketchup is just a kid. TrueSpace has professional features and capabilities along with a quite powerful community. And with this free release, Microsoft can start educational programs in order to make its name and services popular.

Keep in mind that this is not a free version of the application without some features, it is the full commercial application for free. So, if you are interested into 3d, you can check Caligari home page and download your own version of a powerful 3D application. Cheers!

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