Dear Adobe, please visit this site is one of the best sites related to Adobe products. It has nothing to do with tutorials or screen casts,  instead this site is focusing on the issues inside Adobe’s applications. If you are angry with the open dialog in Photoshop (like i am), if you feel like the interface should look the same over the entire suite, if you don’t like something regarding Adobe … this is the place.

I personally agree with most of the ideas from Here are my favourites:

– Please create an installer that puts your software on my computer in less time than it takes to install an operating system.

– Please stop raising your upgrade prices. I’m sick of paying for your merger.

– Enable auto-recover for Photoshop, so when it inevitably crashes for the 9th time today I can get back to the corporate schlock I was working on.

– Your installer is the worst piece of software on the planet… well, actually, your updater is worse. For the love of all things good, fix it.

– Please, please, please make all the shortcuts in all your applications the same. is it really that hard?

– Why do you install six “helper” applications in the background when all I want is Photoshop? Keep your Bridge to nowhere the fuck off my system.

– Dreamweaver CS3 had no major updates over DW8 and calling the CSS advice beta web-site a feature was insulting.

– Why can’t I copy/paste formatted text from one of your expensive applications into another one of your expensive applications.

Please visit the site, It is so hilarious and true at the same time.

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