TED.com – Knowledge with style

Maybe you know this site or maybe you don’t. But from my point of view TED.com should be on your priority list of things to watch. Forget about Iron Man or Hancock, TED.com will give you something movies can’t provide: wisdom and knowledge.

What is so great about this site is that it makes you think and wonder. It makes you see different sides of one particular problem. And it has many problems covered. From Global Issues to Design this site pops many interesting questions.

With its motto: Ideas worth spreading, TED spreads information through a nice website. This site is the first site that from my point of view doesn’t need redesign. The visual style from TED.com is great. The subtle red color combined with a light gray and black make a nice color scheme.

The logo is simple and powerful with no additional graphic elements. This is the best approach in order for the brand to be well recognized. But we are not talking about a brand here, we are talking about shaping goals and solving important problems.
The graphics are few and the simple approach can guarantee the freshness of this design. The visitor will not be enchanted with rounded corners, but with a simple interface with a main goal of presenting information.
Content: Incredible. Engaging. Flawless.

Regarding the user experience, this site has all the basic features implemented. Simple navigation, good time response from the server, intuitive video player and a pleasant look. It offers a great user experience by combining great content with great look.

I really recommend it, and it is on the first place in my list followed by Wikipedia. I like it from the content to the nice Flash based movies display. It is not a very commercial destination and it isn’t suitable for all users. You just have to figure it out whether this site is for you or not. Anyway Kudos for the designers, developers, and people behind TED.com

User Interface [rating:4.5]
User Experience [rating:5]
Content [rating:5]
Graphic [rating:4.83]

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