Photoshop Disasters, a guide through Photoshop bloopers

I love this site. It has the best images ever. If you want bad clipping paths, or people with multiple arms or without them, objects erased badly from composition and so on, this is the place. The people behind this site are in permanent search for bloopers in the visual area.

Image from Photoshop Disasters

The good news is that they find awesome images with mistakes. Every upcoming designer should watch this kind of materials. Whether is a wrong clipping path or multiple arms for a person, at Photoshop Disasters you find everything.

My best regards to those behind the site and keep up the good work!

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5 ideas on “Photoshop Disasters, a guide through Photoshop bloopers

  1. Rexibit Web Services

    Lol, I wonder where the hand is coming from.

  2. admin

    Yes. It’s a miracle. You should check the site. Is full of miracles.

  3. Mchilly

    This is really a disaster lol…I wonder who did this? (wink2x)

  4. Tooma

    It’s no photoshop blooper! It’s Thing, you know, the Thing from the Adams Family

  5. Andy Gongea

    Ha ha ha!

    Good point. Never thought at it. Yes, you’re right Tooma, it’s Thing.