Off topic: Google will FAIL

Every person is good at something, it doesn’t matter what. At some level, everyone can do something of good quality. The same concept can be applied to companies worldwide. Whether is domain selling or database software, web applications or movie applications, operating systems or online commerce, each of this areas of activity is represented by big names: GoDaddy, Oracle, Adobe, Autodesk, Microsoft and Ebay.

As you know, on the search engine side, there is one player at the moment: Google. But this player lately, is active on almost every market. The last move was the release of their so called virtual world Lively (sounds too close to Microsoft’s Live). I don’t know the plan for this service but I think that Google will try to advertise this space as well. This announcement along with the service is the first release in some time. But, as I was saying several months ago, Google has no innovation.

No innovation
Actually Google is now a lot like Microsoft.  I’m saying that because Google has now the same business model as Microsoft -> Develop (Buy) and Sell. Now the innovation is left in the hands of start-ups and Google can claim the upcoming market, with the help of their bank deposits.

Powerful start-ups
Another thing that makes me think this way is that the new start-ups are more and more powerful. We can take a look at Facebook which now is a solid company and a great adversary against Google.

Bad services
As you know, Google has its share of bad applications or services that cannot compete with strong players on the market. I can say that Google Checkout will never beat Paypal or be a hit, Orkut will never bring much revenue, Google Answers is dead, Picassa web is far from Flickr and so on.

Microsoft + Yahoo
And in the end I can think at the most discouraging thought: Microsoft + Yahoo. This will be a milestone in IT history. Seeing the stats for, I think that Microsoft has the power to catch Google.

With this arguments I think that Google will FAIL. Not to mention lack of semantic search. Maybe they will buy a start-up for that.


2 ideas on “Off topic: Google will FAIL

  1. Oliver

    But i think yahoo is up there just a little bit below google. So i wouldnt say google’s the only player…

  2. admin

    Yes, absolutely. But Yahoo has some strong services and products and with that traffic they can still stay. And also Microsoft will buy them. So, I still think that Google will fail soon.