Wal-Mart's new logo lacks power

For those of you with little information about Wal-Mart, like I was several minutes ago, Wal-Mart is big. Now you have it, now you know as much as I do.
Anyway, I didn’t know details regarding the company, just some ecological facts and Wal-Mart’s effort in the green field. But, according to Zoominfo, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc is the company behind Wal-Mart discount stores. The company has around 1.9 mil employees and big revenues each year.

My topic regarding Wal-Mart, is the logo which was changed on July 1st. The change is radical and there is no resemblance to the previous logo. So, my question is why would you change a logo that has been there for over 17 years? This question pops into my mind because from my point of view the old logo was … better.

OLD LOGO – It had a clean, strong font and a pleasant dark blue color. And also combined with the old slogan and the star graphic element, it had the American identity on it.

NEW LOGO – The new font is clearly not as powerful as the old one, but more elegant. It is helped by the lighter blue color and the new slogan, and together they form an elegant stable block. But I don’t know what the new yellow symbol means.

I think that the decision of changing the logo was due to a global expanding plan, cause otherwise I don’t know why they’ve made the redesign. Anyway, if you know additional information, and have other thoughts about this, please share your ideas.

As a conclusion, even if changes are needed from time to time, like in football (soccer), you never change the winning formation.

Old logo [rating:4.5]
New logo [rating:3.5]
Graphic [rating:4]

One idea on “Wal-Mart's new logo lacks power

  1. Joshua

    Don’t knock the new just because.

    The new logo competes with a different market – Target, Sears, etc. It’s softer, sleeker and more current than the old block lettering.

    And the icon is interesting – you’re right, the old star read “America” – but the asterisk leaves room for “lowest price.”

    It’s also a clever monogram – look closer.

    What I don’t understand about the redesign is the instore font. If anybody has any information on that, I’d love to know.