Upcoming redesign for My MSN

I was just surfing on Techcrunch and in one of the comments there was a link with the new design for My MSN – Microsoft’s version for Netvibes, iGoogle, My Yahoo! and my favorite Feedly. Oh, I must mention that the post was regarding My Yahoo! small retouching session.

So, I followed the link and discovered that Microsoft is working to improve My MSN image. As I was telling you several months ago, Microsoft is going through a big redesign process.
Back to My MSN. This service is not on everybody’s favorite list. That is because MSN is not exactly a trend setter or innovator. Regarding the new design, a big annoying thing pops into my eyes: GLOSSY buttons. C’mon guys, admit that Vista was not a big hit and go on. I mean, every mature designer will tell you that glossy is history.
But, beside that, the overall look is OK, not far from the existing one. It has more spacing and obviously more options. The response time is a little bit bigger than Netvibes and My Yahoo but it might be my connection. I really like the big and spacious header. It is quite clean and I’ve seen it used in many designs. Big headers are now not a problem but a solution in creating a good user experience.

Some recommendations
In the end I would say that the buttons can have a simple style, the white background behind the content should be changeable, the text in some content boxes should have a proper typography.

I think that the final product should be more polished but, it is a good move.

User Interface [rating:3.5]
User Experience [rating:3]
Design [rating: 3.5]
Graphic [rating:3.33]

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