Feedly.com – brilliant start page for Firefox

A year ago, I was the proud user of Netvibes services. I had a custom page with different RSS feeds and interesting information at that time. Well, after several months, I was already bored with those services. And instead of using Netvibes, I was visiting all the information I needed individually. Up until I’ve discovered Feedly.

So what is Feedly?
Feedly is described on their site as: a more social and magazine-like start page for Firefox! And Yes, that is exactly what it is. A good interface with interactive features, presenting you custom information. It has a starting wizard that will populate your start page with feeds from your area of interest. You can add custom feeds, your feeds. But the main feature of this wizard is that it can learn from your existing preferences like My Yahoo!, Bloglines, Netvibes, Twitter, Yahoo Mail, Gmail and Friendfeed – and apply them to your feedly.

It has a clean design with no additional graphic elements. It is simply usable and provides the user with a great user experience. Also the social part is great. You can clip certain information and share it with your friends. Also it has a built in feature that attaches your Twiteer account to Feedly.
You can recommend a post or remove subscription to any website. Also, Feedly is well integrated with Google Reader, so it means that once you added a subscription to Feedly, it is automatically added to Google Reader.

The only drawback that I see at this moment, is that Feedly is restricted to Firefox. But on the other hand it could be an advantage. I don’t know. We will see how the users will embrace this product.

Overall, this product is brilliant. Two thumbs up for the idea and implementation.

Features [rating:5]
User Interface [rating: 4.5]
User Experience [rating: 4.5]
Graphic [rating:4.667]

2 ideas on “Feedly.com – brilliant start page for Firefox

  1. jennica

    From: http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/07/06/gmails-mysterious-grey-box/
    “CSS error I believe. On IE6 I can’t find it.”

    LOL! That’s the first time I have EVER heard someone say that the error must reside on non-IE6 browsers. IE6 is THE most error prone browser in existence, besides maybe IE2

  2. admin

    Well, there are several issues with browsers other than IE6. Yes, I agree. IE6 is a mess. But we have to deal with it. Still that iframe is not visible on IE6 so in this case Firefox is the bad guy.