MySpace in make-up session

You all know MySpace. Yes, … it is that awful looking social networking site. And I’m sure most of the designers share my opinion.

The main reason for writing this post was due to the big coverage that this process caused. And most of the time the reviews were positive. From this point of view I don’t agree.
Let’s face it, everyone knows that Facebook has the looks and MySpace has the marketing. MySpace knew that aspect and wanted to change the overall look in order to have a better acceptance from designers point of view. And, after several years of visual disaster … it seems that more will come.

It is normal that the designers involved in this make-up process had to keep the overall look and feel of the site. On this part I agree. But having this as an excuse, they designed just several gradients and boring colors. The spacing is still a mess, same old icons and the secondary pages have the same age as the Internet. Oh, and not to forget the fact that they could run for the “Next2 Zero Typography” Award. For the biggest social site this is really low.

In the end I think that regarding the redesign, it is better than previous and less than expected.

Style [rating:3]
Diversity [rating:2]
Design [rating:2]
Graphic [rating:2.33]

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