Transformers vs Iron Man Update

So, it’s been almost 7 weeks since Iron Man hit the screens. With a very good start, this robot based movie was getting good reviews. My first idea was that the movie is good, but compared to Transformers … no. So I did a comparison chart and I said that at the end of its running time Iron Man will gain less than Transformers.


Transformers – 2007
Weekend 1: $70 mil
Weekend 2: $37 mil
Weekend 3: $20 mil
Iron Man – 2008
Weekend 1: $100 mil
Weekend 2: $50 mil
Weekend 3: $30 mil

Transformers: $707 mil
Iron Man: $540 mil

I’m still putting my money on Transformers. Iron Man I think will end up under $650 mil. Still there are several weeks to go. Iron Man fans can hope :P

One idea on “Transformers vs Iron Man Update

  1. admin

    I like Michael Bay and I think he has one of the best creative side and along with Steven Spielberg they made a masterpiece – Transformers. Don’t get me wrong, Iron Man is good but not that good.

    Ps: I like ur site